Doritos create’s ‘world’s first AI-augmented silent snack’ to combat crunchers

Doritos, the expert tortilla-chip maker, has unveiled the world's first 'silent' snack: 'Doritos Silent'.

This revolutionary 'crunch cancellation' technology took six months to develop and involved analysing over 5,000 different crunch sounds.

The AI-powered tech, developed by top software developer Dylan Fashbaugh, cleverly cancels out the crunch sound when someone bites into a Dorito. This allows people to enjoy their favourite snack without making any noise for those listening.

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Research prompted Doritos to create this tech after it was found that the sound of crunching distracted one in three (35%) Brits. Almost half (46%) confessed they dislike the sound of other people eating.

The issue is especially significant among gamers. A third (35%) said the sound of someone snacking annoys them, nearly a third (29%) claimed it affects their performance, and one in five (18%) admitted it makes them want to log off. Despite this, 86% of gamers said they snack while playing, with over 47% admitting that crisps make the most noise when gaming.

The software, which is now free to download and use on PC headsets, is set to revolutionise gaming for those who need a snack to keep playing.

Doritos has been teasing the launch of this groundbreaking technology over the past week, taking over famous ads across the country with an image of a Doritos chip in an ear, cheekily noting "You won't hear it coming".

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Karina Stoltz from Doritos said: "It's been hard to keep this one quiet…but we are finally able to reveal the launch of 'Doritos Silent' powered by our 'crunch cancellation' technology. We know that the nation loves the satisfying crunch of Doritos, but listening to someone else enjoy them can be off-putting. That's why we set out to develop the first-ever AI-augmented 'silent' snack, and after months of expert development, people across the country can finally crunch Doritos down a microphone without making a sound."

Dylan Fashbaugh from Smooth Technology added: "I jumped at the opportunity to create the first-ever 'silent' tortilla chip. I am a Doritos-lover, but as a gamer myself I can testify that nothing throws me off my game more than the sound of someone else tucking into a bowl of the tasty snack! After trialling more than 5,000 crunch sounds, and carefully training the software to remove the sound, this launch means everyone will be able to cancel out the iconic crunch of a Dorito."

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