Expert shares energy-saving hack to cut laundry drying time almost by half

As the cold weather sets in, using a tumble dryer can be costly, but a cleaning guru has found a hack to keep our energy bills down.

"Queen of Clean" Lynsey Crombie mentioned a laundry product on TV that she described as a "Christmas bauble" and said it can cut down laundry drying cycle by up to 40%.

She was on ITV's This Morning a few weeks ago and raved about the Boss It Rapid Dryer Ball, a metallic-like dryer ball that has helped drying her clothes much faster than drying them outdoors.

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Talking to Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary, Lynsey passed the £13.99 dryer ball to them and explained: "This is a new technology, this is like a Christmas bauble. It feels like if you drop it, it will break.

Alison asked: "What does it do?"

Lynsey continued: "This reduces your laundry time by 40%. I put it to the max in the dryer in the past few days and because its heat technology, it basically takes in the heat and reflects the heat and splits it up.

"You only need one ball. This, honestly, has been a game-changer but it does make a little bit noise."

Unlike the eco-friendly wool dryer balls, the expert said "you could hear it rattle" and suggested: "If you have got a door in your laundry room, close it off.

"For part of the noise, you can save 40% so it depends what your priorities."

On Amazon, the listing claimed the dryer ball's patented heatbounce technology includes ultra-reflective surface distributes heat around your tumble dryer quickly and evenly.

To find out if it works on your load of laundry, the company suggested: "If you have sensor-equipped machines, test it over a few cycles (since every load is different), you'll start noticing a significant boost in cycle speed. It's that simple and efficient!

"If you are using machines without sensors, then take the experimental route. Trim 10 minutes off your cycle at a time and embark on a journey of trial and error.

"Soon, you'll unlock the perfect settings for energy savings and getting your items perfectly dry."

But some customers were disappointed, with one saying: "I used it on my load of towels and it didn't work."

Another asked: "Will it damage the drum in the long run?"

Others recommended to use the wool dryer ball as it's cheaper and it absorbs the moisture while drying.

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