Feast your eyes on these baubles

Feast your eyes on these baubles

These festive foodie tree ornaments look good enough to eat

Clockwise from top left: 

Caviar tin, £25.95, Sue Parkinson at trouva.com. 

Sriracha bottle, £14.99, souschef.co.uk. 

Pepper, £18, and salt, £20, selfridges.com. 

Cake stand, from top: 

Sweet, £18, selfridges.com. 

Cream biscuit, £12, rockettstgeorge.co.uk. 

Doughnut, £19.99 for six Fast Food decorations, zarahome.com. 

Cupcake, £8, &Quirky at trouva.com. 

Quality Street sweets, £7 each, johnlewis.com. 

Macarons, £5 each, &Quirky at trouva.com. 

Wheel of cheese, £18.95, Sue Parkinson at trouva.com. 

Baguette and wedge of cheese, £12.99 each, souschef.com.

Lobster, £15.99, and oyster, £13.99, souschef.com. 

Red wine glass, £18, selfridges.com. 

Orange, £12.50, Sunshine & Snow at trouva.com

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