Floor-fitter ‘gets revenge’ after bloke doesn’t pay him – by causing his divorce

One workman who didn't get paid by a customer has revealed how he got sweet revenge on the bloke.

The floor-fitter said they did a job for someone, however the customer never paid them for the work.

However, instead of ripping up the floor, the workman decided to target his marriage as his revenge – and the guy even ended up divorced.

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The workman took to popular X (formerly Twitter) account Fesshole to share his admission. He wrote: "Customer didn't pay up after fitting new flooring in his bathroom, still had his key so used it to put a pair of lacy knickers and condom wrappers down side of his bed for his wife to find. They are now divorced, I didn't get paid but the satisfaction is something."

The post has gone viral after being shared this week – racking up more than 619,000 views. And people were keen to have their say, as someone branded the workman a "real-life villain". Someone else was baffled, as they said: "Surely you'd just take the flooring back up?", while a third probed: "How did you know which side of the bed was his?"

Others accused the person of lying about the confession though, with one person writing: "Where did you get the story from?" Another added: "If anyone reading this actually believes this happened then I have some magic beans to sell you."

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However, despite this, one man said the story could be legitimate from his past experience. He wrote: "Easily true. Our bathroom fitter said he still had countless keys from earlier jobs. Made sure I got mine back, but still changed the locks to be absolutely sure."

Eek, we think the guy may make sure to pay his workmen in future.

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