Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Monday, December 4


News about travel will be confusing. If delays might make you late for meetings, consider postponing plans. Difficulties can be resolved by adapting to changes that cannot be avoided. Either you or someone close might be spending time in a location that keeps you temporarily apart.


If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. You want to take your time with an important job you are working on. Some people are getting impatient but you won’t allow anyone to hurry you along. You are and should be perfectly content to go at your own pace.


Breaking free from a restrictive situation is the best thing you can do for yourself. People who really know you will also understand your need for spontaneity, variety and excitement. You can’t stay with someone who is strongly resistant to change. You might also enjoy a break from your usual routines.


A friend or neighbour’s interference in your personal affairs will result in some discord. Even advice they offer because they want to help is making you feel miserable. What they do not understand is they cannot help you solve what they can’t see.


Keep your eyes open and be ready to grab the great opportunities coming your way. Don’t miss out on a special outing. It’s important for you to enjoy precious moments with family and friends. Your creative juices are flowing. Dancing, taking photos, music and art will give you lots of pleasure.


The spoils of victory are heading in your direction. Your best friend or romantic partner will support you in ways you had not expected or asked them to. Good times will be made all the more pleasing because of their loving presence. Remember to take photographs to record this happy experience.


You are making a success of a current challenge and you deserve a small reward. If you aren’t getting much feedback from others, you can at least give yourself some positive reinforcement. Splash out on a special outfit or enjoy a spa treatment. Treat yourself well and others will follow suit.


Expenses are creeping up at a worrying rate. With Christmas just around the corner and not to mention some travel plans you have in mind for the future, you will need to be sensible with your money. You yearn to splash out on expensive gifts but it would be better to build your savings.


You won’t want to turn anyone away who needs your help. At the same time you could get so caught up in the concerns of others that your own work falls behind. If you do agree to do someone a favour, be sure to impose conditions and stick to them.

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You will be taken from your usual work and asked to do something completely different. This job will capture your imagination and although it will keep you behind the scenes, you will hardly notice how secluded you are. A lot will be accomplished.


You can’t expect someone close to be able to read your mind. Misunderstandings will occur if you aren’t open with each other. Even if you find it hard to put feelings into words, try anyway. Address an ongoing issue that is causing you stress. Together, you will find a resolution.


An emotional dilemma isn’t something you will want to discuss with your partner or others who are involved. You need to make a choice and this isn’t easy. Talk to a trusted friend. Their advice will make a lot of sense to you and will help you make a difficult decision.

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