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HOUSEHOLDS could slash their heating bills over the winter with just one simple fix.

With energy bills set to rise in January making changes to your home now could help keep costs down.

Over 29million households will see a rise in their energy bills by £94 a year, from January 1.

The energy price cap is currently at £1,834 which is the lowest figure since March 2022.

However, in January it will rise to £1,928 affecting millions of already cash-strapped households.

If you are worried about rising costs, there are a few things you can put in place to try and counter the increase and it won't cost you a fortune.

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Draughtproofing your home is a good place to start and an easy way to make sure the precious heat you are paying for stays in the home.

Ben Gallizzi, energy expert at said: "The Energy Saving Trust estimates that draught-proofing around windows, doors and floors could save you around £90 a year."

He has recommended some "cheap and effective" changes you can make to your home to ensure you are heating more efficiently.

Draught-proofing tape

Ben said: "Draught-proofing can be a simple way of preventing heat from escaping through gaps around windows and doors."

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He added that it can help you make savings by "blocking gaps" that let heat out of your home.

You can buy draught tape and other solutions from most DIY retailers.

Depending on the size and thickness of the roll you can pick some up for around £5.

We had a look on the B&Q website and also saw you can get letterbox draught excluders from £4.50 and door draught excluders starting from £8.

Check your loft

Hot air rises so Ben also advises you to check for any gaps around the loft hatch.

He said: "You can use draught-proofing tape around the loft hatch to prevent heat from escaping."

Draught excluders in front of doors

Some people may already use draught excluders in front of their doors and Ben said this is a great way to keep the heat in your room.

We had a look around and there are lots of different styles on the market, with something to suit most budgets.

Dunelm has some fabric draught excluders starting from £7 but you could pay up to £30 depending on what you want.

Ben added: "For a cheap DIY alternative, you can use a pair of old tights and fill them with socks to create a makeshift excluder." 

Keyhole covers

One area that Ben said is easily missed in the home is the keyholes.

He recommends getting keyhole covers that can be purchased for as little as £5.

Ben said: "Keyholes are one of many gaps that can let the heat out of your home and allow the cold air inside.

"Keyhole covers are small circular pieces of metal which fit directly over your door’s keyhole.

"They can add a decorative touch to your door as well as being an energy efficiency improvement."

Thick curtains

You should always close your blinds and curtains when you put the heating on.

This is something you should get used to doing straight away when you turn on your heating as this really helps to stop that precious heat from escaping.

Ben said that if you can get thicker curtains this will help to block any draughts coming from the windows.

He said: "If you don’t want to buy new curtains, you can line your current ones with cheap fleece.

We found some fleece lining for £4.69 per metre on

Ben added: "Remember to open your curtains when the sun is shining to let the warmth in, but close them again when it gets dark."

Chimney balloons

For people who have a chimney that is not in use, Ben recommends getting a chimney balloon.

He said: "They can be bought for around £20 and are placed out of sight inside the chimney hole and inflated.

"They stop cold air coming in and keep the warm air inside."

Other ways to save on your heating bills

Another easy way to make sure you are getting the most out of your heating is by removing any furniture that is blocking the radiators.

If you are struggling for space and this is not possible, just be sure to leave a little gap.

This will make it easier for the heat to circulate around the room and hopefully mean you won't need your heating on for as long.

British Gas recommends that you have your thermostat at between 18-21 degrees.

Each household has different needs and may need to have their home warmer due to their personal circumstances.

However, if you can manage it just turning down your thermostat by one degree could save you £100 a year.

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If you don't use all the rooms in your house, you should also make sure that the radiators are turned off or down low as this will also help when it comes to keeping the costs down.

Meanwhile, here is the full list of energy schemes offering free cash worth up to £1,500 this winter.

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