‘I embraced full beard after growing tired of shaving – fans should worship me’

A woman who has embraced having a beard while selling racy snaps online has declared herself to be a "goddess".

The bearded lady, who posts online under the username Peekaboo Pumpkin, has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – a common hormonal imbalance that can cause excess hair growth in women.

While everyone who has the condition can have any combination of its symptoms, this social media sensation learned to love her "chin hair" and decided it let it grow into a full beard.

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The 37-year-old is often seen braiding it or trimming it in the more tame videos she shares online.

But she has also fashioned herself into a "bisexual dominatrix" and regularly promotes her OnlyFans site on apps like Reddit and TikTok.

In a recent video, which has gained more than 1,800 views, she was seen stroking her furry chin and demanding to be "worshipped" as a "Goddess".

She wrote: "#Hairy girl #feminine #Goddess We are to be bowed down to & worshipped."

TikTok users were left stunned by the video and immediately took to the comments to compliment her on her confidence – with some engaging with her demands.

One user said: "*that's me bowing* I tried ok."

A second replied with heart emojis. But not everyone was so pleased with the look as a troll wrote: "That's looks so f***ing stupid."

But Peekaboo Pumpkin didn't let the haters get to her as she simply replied with laughing emojis.

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The TikToker previously confessed she spent years removing her facial fuzz before giving up and embracing it.

"Laser hair removal didn't work for it. It took me years to be in the place where my facial hair wouldn't bother me," she said.

She claims to apply oil to her beard every day to keep a "shiny" texture so it "looks better".

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