I hid my thighs for years – but now Im free flaunting my wobbly wibbles

A body positive influencer admitted she used to 'hide' her thighs but now unashamedly flaunts her 'wobbly wibbles'.

Danae Mercer Ricci, 36, from the US, often posts self-love content to her impressive fanbase of 2.2million Instagram followers. The mum-of-one regularly snaps photos of her cellulite and belly rolls to 'normalise' the features of the female body.

But, she wasn't always so confident with her looks. Danae, who now lives in Italy, revealed she used to hide her thighs for years and felt "shame" because of them.

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Although, since practising self-love, the mum is happy to be "truly seen". She posted some side by side snaps, one where Danae posed and the other where she stood more relaxed in a pair of gym leggings that accentuated her thighs.

"Letting yourself be TRULY seen is one of the most beautiful things out there," Danae wrote in a lengthy caption. "For years, I HID my thighs. I’d choose skirts over shorts. I’d sit down at the beach to shimmy out of my jeans.

"I’d cover my legs with a towel walking to the pool. I felt such SHAME around them, and I was certain everyone else viewed them the same way."

The influencer then offered some reassurance to her followers, she said: "If this sounds like you, Know this: Over 80% of women have cellulite. Stretch marks are a normal sign of and change. Skin moves. And bodies change.

"And ALL of you is WORTHY of being seen."

Danae continued: "It’s ok if you’re not ready to post your wobbly wibbles on Instagram. It’s ok if you still pick long sleeves over short. It’s ok if you’re learning self love – I am too.

"But maybe today, or tomorrow. You can lean a bit more into what REALLY feels like you. Without shame. Without criticism. But instead with soft respect for all your real, raw, human complexities.

"You can look at yourself in the mirror, and feel seen, by the one person whose opinion matters most of all. You’ve got this. Posed or relaxed or any way at all."

Inspired by Danae, many fans fled to the comments to share their experiences regarding body image and praised the influencer for her positivity.

"I feel the same and then I think how in love people were with Marilyn Monroe’s body and I think we are getting this all wrong," one person commented.

Another user added: "My teenage daughter and I get so much positivity out of your feed. We recommend it to all the women we know. We have both improved our body image because of your messages."

While a third voiced: "Yes yes yes to letting ourselves be truly seen." Someone else shared: "Same. It's always been the thighs for me."

Meanwhile, a fifth gushed: "You have become one of my biggest role models. You encourage me to love my body and rejoice in her being healthy. Thank you."

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