I hoped holiday would fix our marriage – but we're back to square one already | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WE’VE just returned from a two-week holiday in Turkey where I felt like my husband and I were back on track.

But the moment the plane touched down, the positive holiday vibes disappeared.

He’s back to snapping at me and the kids and staying up late at night.

He is constantly on his phone.

I am 45 and he is 48. He has mild depression which affects everything.

He was so positive about changes he’d make while we were on holiday, I actually believed it might happen this time. I’m so upset.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It can be exhausting for those living with someone who has depression, as it affects everyone in the family.

I know you will have had the conversations before, but it’s important to make him see that if he doesn’t make changes, he may lose you.

Will he consider counselling? Reduce his phone usage?

From small steps, bigger positive steps can grow.

My support pack Help For Depression has more detailed advice.

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