‘I think the bar for dads is set low – people expect too little from men’

As brilliant as it is, parenting is also tough.

You occasionally feel like you don't know what you're doing, you're always tired and it can feel hard to juggle all the elements of life.

But one woman recently claimed it's particularly hard for mums, and there are reasons why.

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Anneliese King boasts over 350,000 followers on Instagram due to the candid way she documents the process of motherhood.

She wants parents to feel "seen" and uses her platform to get real about daily life.

Recently she opened up about being a "working mom", but said she rarely hears anyone use the term "working dad".

Even though she admits she knows a lot of great dads, she thinks the bar for men is set "low".

She felt she needed to open up about the differences between the gender stereotypes, as she feels it's not something that gets talked about enough.

Writing on Instagram, Anneliese said: "The bar for dads is low AF (as f***).

"I said it. Part of the reason I think people are so triggered by this is that we are always feeling like we need to defend ourselves.

"I’m not saying dads suck. Most of the dads I know are great.

"I’m saying the perception of what being a dad is, and what is expected, is wayyyy less than it should be.

"We don’t need to give a dad a high five for taking his own kid to target and 'giving his wife a break.' What is that????

"I’m not kidding someone we know well just said they to Dan a few weeks ago. Enough."

Since she had her say on the matter more than 10,000 people have liked the post and social media users were quick to share their thoughts.

Lots of people seem to agree with the claim, and it was even noted the mum dropped a big "truth bomb".

One person said: "As a firefighter and military member with a wife who also works her full time job as well and still manage the kids and house while I’m away, I will agree with this wholeheartedly.

"She’s the rockstar of our family and moms like her don’t get enough credit."

Another added: "There is NO BAR. if they show up and love their kids, they’re the most amazing dad on earth.

"Meanwhile we’re over here managing, juggling, carrying every load and it’s business as usual."

A third replied: "The sad part is that even as a woman, I applaud dads in my head all the time. And I have to talk myself out of that false narrative that has been ingrained in me growing up."

Meanwhile, one person suggested there was a simple reason for the difference in terminology, commenting: "That’s bc since the dawn of time dads have been working dads.

"It’s only in the past 100 years (almost 2 generations) or so that women entered the workforce instead of staying home to care for children and the home. Thus, the phrase working mom."

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