I'm a dermatologist. here's four skin care myths that MUST be debunked

Dermatologist shocks beauty lovers after debunking four common skincare myths that ‘need to die’

  • Dr. Shereene Idriss, a NYC dermatologist, debunked four skin care myths
  • She is an expert in ‘facial rejuvenation’ and ‘minimally invasive body contouring’
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A board-certified dermatologist has laid bare the top four skin care myths that need to be debunked — and some of them may just shake up both your morning and night routines. 

Dr. Shereene Idriss, 39, is a New York City-based dermatologist and the founder of skin care label Pillowtalk Derm, and she often shares skin care and skin health tips on both her TikTok and Instagram pages. 

Taking to the social media platform this week, Idriss revealed the popular skin care myths that she believed ‘need to die,’ first insisting that Vitamin C serums were not just for use in the morning.

‘Vitamin C is not just for the morning,’ the dermatologist began in the clip, which boasted more than 50,000 views so far.

The dermatologist took to TikTok to reveal the four skin care myths that ‘need to die,’ kicking it off by divulging that Vitamin C serum can be used both in the morning and at night

Idriss is a dermatologist who is based in New York City, and is also the founder of skin care brand Pillowtalk Derm

On her TikTok and Instagram pages, she often shares her expert skin care tips and advice for better skin health

Dr. Idriss’ skincare myths that ‘need to die’ 

  • Vitamin C is not just for the morning
  • You do not need to apply your eye cream using the ring finger
  • Medical-grade skincare isn’t always better
  • It’s impossible to shrink your pores 

‘You can also use it at night, but it all depends on the type of vitamin C that you’re using.’ 

Typically, some experts have recommended using the serum in the morning, as it can help to protect our skin from ‘free radicals,’ according to Allure. 

Free radicals are a cell-damaging molecule that’s similar to a pollutant, and is found naturally in the human body, but also externally from things like cigarette smoke and X-rays. 

‘To get the biggest bang for your buck, use it twice a day, in the morning to boost your sunscreen and at night to help prepare your skin,’ she advised.

The next misconception she shared was quite simple — and that’s how you really should be applying your eye cream.

In the past, many have advised to apply eye cream by using the ring finger, as it’s typically seen as the most gentle, but according to the dermatologist, you can leave that notion behind. 

‘This one kills me,’ she said. ‘You do not need to use your eye cream with your ring finger.’

‘As long as you are gentle with any finger, you can apply any cream that is hydrating enough for your face, and use it under your eyes,’ Idriss continued. ‘Honestly, the pinky is more chic.’

In the TikTok, she shared that you don’t only need to use you ring finger to apply the eye cream, in fact, in can be any finger, as long as it’s gentle 

The board-certified dermatologist is an expert in ‘facial rejuvenation, as well as minimally invasive body contouring’

Not only did Idriss divulge that ‘medical grades can care,’ but she also admitted that there is no way to shrink your pores

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The third myth the dermatologist debunked was one that she claimed was ‘controversial’ due to her status as a doctor.

‘Medical-grade skin care… It’s not better than the rest,’ she revealed.

Compared to a regular, over-the-counter kind of skin care, ones that are medical-grade often contain a higher amount of active ingredients, according to Byrdie. 

In addition, it’s marketed for a specific kind of skin care need, like acne or eczema.

Last but not least, Idriss divulged that it’s impossible to shrink your pores — so you can say goodbye to any product that promises to do so.

‘Get this in your noggins, but you cannot shrink your pores,’ she claimed. ‘Nothing will shrink them.’

‘The goal is to make them less apparent by having less gunk inside of them, but to actually shrink them, you’ll win the Nobel Peace Prize if you can figure that out,’ the doctor added. 

‘Get this in your noggins, but you cannot shrink your pores,’ she claimed in the video clip. ‘Nothing will shrink them’

In the comments section, many seemed to appreciate the board-certified dermatologist’s tips

One user even claimed that they ‘loved’ the doctor’s ‘transparency’

DailyMail.com has reached out to Idriss for comment.

In the comments section of her video, many users seemed thankful for her skin-saving tips.

‘Right!’ one user typed. ‘You can’t shrink pores, I saw my face without pores but with fine line, if no fine lines pores will appear.’

Another agreed, writing, ‘I LOVE your transparency!!!! Thank you!’

‘You are REAL for #3,’ someone else chimed in. 

One TikToker quipped, ‘The ring finger got me.’

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