‘I’m a single mum earning fortune from feet pics – it’s made me close to my kid’

A single mum revealed how she's racking it in from selling photos of her feet.

Angelic Jess kick-started her side hustle as a way to earn some extra money to provide for her daughter. The 26-year-old finds it flexible as she can work from home.

She turned to Fun With Feet, a subscription site, where she sells her saucy shots to followers who pay a fee. Now she revealed all about her venture.

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Speaking exclusively with Daily Star, the singleton explained how it's only been three months since she begun the side hustle.

She said: "I started selling [photos of my feet] as I was looking for another job/side hustle. I'm a single mum so really wanted to maximise my income for myself and my daughter.

"I was looking for something flexible so a job where I can either work from home – FWF fits all my criteria – a side hustle that allows me the freedom to be at home and just be mum!"

Angelic Jess hasn't ruled out going full-time but she currently works in a reception/admin area at a local family dental. But it's not just feet snaps that she has had to deal with.

One of the mum's weirdest requests involve her stepping on cakes. She admitted: "It's all happening quite fast really. I'm finding out about more niche kinks.

"I have fewer regulars than some other girls I've been chatting to but my spend per regular is really really good."

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Angelic Jess found herself doing cake video requests after one sent her $1,500 (£1,185) for a saucy shot. Speaking about the fetish, she said: "I know the fan had a visual appeal to seeing my feet and the cake.

"So it started off clean only for everything to get progressively messier and messier is a turn-on. We're always told to not play with our food, but I'm doing exactly that.

"I guess breaking taboos or exploring the freedom we have that we were once restricted from can be quite thrilling!" And working for FWF has enabled the influencer to grow closer to her daughter too.

She concluded: "It's been super fun as it allows me to explore kinks and areas of my life I would never have. I'm earning thousands of dollars a month and it's growing each month.

"It has really allowed me the chance to spend more time with my daughter – we're planning her first trip away over the holidays."

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