It sounds brutal but men need to love the woman more in relationships

It might sound brutal but this is why men need to love the woman more in relationships: ‘You’ll be miserable otherwise’

  • A dating coach revealed the ideal relationship dynamics
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A dating coach revealed the only two relationship dynamics that guarantee long-term success.

Gabby shared that relationships work better when the man loves the woman more than she loves him, or when the man and woman love each other equally.

‘The common denominator here is that the man has to be fully invested,’ she advised. ‘Lopsided relationships where the woman loves the man more are going to fail because she is putting in overtime.’

She shared that women usually put in effort to make relationships work no matter what, but men need to be fully invested to make the changes necessary and communicate effectively.

‘If you’re a woman and you’re stuck on that crusty dusty man, take your energy back, put it into yourself, and find someone who is going to treat you well,’ she said.

A dating coach revealed the only two relationship dynamics that guarantee long-term success

Many shared their stories and agreed with Gabby’s theory. 

‘I gave my ex everything and I’m single now,’ a woman said. ‘I experienced it first hand.’

‘In the early months of dating my husband, my sisters always pointed out that he seemed obsessed with me,’ another shared. ‘We’re happily married going on five years.’

‘A million times true. I walked away from the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life due to this. Women want to feel loved!’ a third wrote.

But not everyone agreed with the dating coach’s advice.

‘My husband loved me more, but he left underappreciated and left,’ one said.

‘My ex loved me more, and I was content but I was not happy. Finding a person that loves you as much as you love them is 1000 per cent better,’ another added.

A woman shared: ‘My ex loved me more and that turned me off. Let us just enjoy each other’s company. If it works, it works, if it doesn’t – move on.’

The man has to love the women more #datingadvice

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