Ive reverse-aged todger using shock therapy – I want erections of a teenager

A billionaire who spends around $2million a year to extend his life is "shocking" his penis to boost his erections and make it younger.

Unsurprisingly, Bryan Johnson admits the therapy is “painful”. He explained on the Diary of a CEO podcast that he’s using “shock wave therapy” to rejuvenate his manhood.

He said: “You have a wand, and you sit in a chair, and then the the technician uses the wand and basically shocks your penis through the acoustic technology and it does the same thing as what a workouts doing. You’re creating micro injuries so then it rebuilds.”

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But the health benefits come with a cost. The level of pain is “maybe a seven out of 10” for most of the length of his penis but gets much more severe once the wand reaches the sensitive tip.

But Bryan claims it’s worth enduring the pain because he’s left with improved sensitivity, erection strength and “orgasm pleasurability.”

Night time erections are a key measure of a man’s overall cardiovascular health, according to Bryan, and he’s got a tiny device that fits over his penis at night to measure them.

The erection-measuring device – a small box around the size of a matchbox with a loop of cord attached – logs every erection that takes place during the night. Bryan, 46, insists that “once you put it on, you can’t feel it”.

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It will show you “how many erections you had, of what duration, and what strength,” Bryan explained.

He continued: “This data it's really important, because it represents psychological health, sexual health , cardiovascular health…

“You can go to the gym and build big biceps or whatever but people are not familiar that nighttime erections are actually a meaningful health indicator.”

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Bryan has learned by using the device that his nightly average is currently around two hours and 12 minutes. “We're not aware of our erections most of the time. For me to be equal to an 18-year-old I would need 3 hours and 30 minutes.”

He plans to achieve that goal with a variety of exercises and supplements alongside his magic wand treatment. Extra-virgin olive oil is the easiest thing to obtain that will extend your lifespan, he says, and he’s brought out his own brand – called Blueprint – that he says is the best that you can get.

Bryanm spends roughly $2m a year on a team of experts who help him "slow his ageing' and his diet includes taking over a hundred different supplements a day. He has also tried getting blood plasma donations from his son Talmage in a bid to rejuvenate his body.

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