Kevin Bacon Shares Secret to 35-Year Marriage With Kyra Sedgwick

The Footloose star is also launching a new podcast, Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is sharing the secret to his 35-year marriage with Kyra Segwick… well sort of.

In a recent interview on the TODAY show, the Footloose alum said that the secret to their long-lasting love is that there isn’t one.

“No secret. Never have the secret,” Bacon joked. “The secret is don’t ask a celebrity on how to stay married.”

Jokes aside, the 65-year-old actor credited his wife and kids for helping him see beyond his own needs and take a greater interest in the world around him.

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“When I came to New York, I was a teenager, and to become an actor there has to be an element of self involvement, a deep kind of self involvement. I certainly had that. I really, really was focused on me and less on the world,” Bacon recalled.

It wasn’t until marrying Sedgwick, 58, and starting a family with the fellow performer — the pair share two children, Travis, 34, and Sosie, 31 — that Bacon said his perspective shifted.

“Once you change your point of view in that way, you start to see how many issues there are that need addressing outside of yourself and your desire to become famous and make money and acquire stuff,” he shared.

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It was those very issues that led the actor to start his non-profit, SixDegrees.Org, in 2007 — playing on the idea that just about everyone is just six degrees or less removed from the actor — and, most recently his podcast, Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon, which riffs off that very game.

The new podcast features celebrity interviews and discussions that Bacon said he hopes will inspire listeners not only to learn, but to realize that differences aside, we are all more connected than we think.

“The idea of us being connected as human beings on this planet is a beautiful concept. We are hungry for connections with each other, we are constantly trying to find them and I think if we remember that we are connected as a people as stewards of the earth, then we will tend to just take care of each other,” Bacon told the outlet.

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As far as raising children with the actress and environmentalist, Bacon added, “In the simplest terms, all of a sudden there’s someone that you’ll step in front of a bus for. (It’s the) willingness to sacrifice anything for them.”

Bacon called the fact that both his son and daughter turned out to be good people, “the greatest success” he said he and Sedgwick have had as parents.

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