Lipstick shade ‘looks completely dull’ on mature skin, claims expert

Lipstick can instantly transform a makeup look, whether it be in a bold pigment or a more subtle shade.

While some people look great in a range of vibrant colours, a beauty expert has warned that some cosmetics draw attention to aged skin around the mouth.

Makeup artist Ali Andreea revealed the beauty tip in a video on her YouTube channel, during which she urged women with mature skin to re-think skin-tone formulas.

She said: “One thing that doesn’t work for most of us after a certain age are statement nude lipsticks, with no lip liner.”

The beauty professional claimed that the liner “adds structure” to the cupid’s bow and lower lip, so is crucial to make flat shades pop.

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Ali continued: “When you apply nude lipsticks, it takes the life away from your face immediately.

“I believe that after a certain age, if you’re not applying something that has a pinch of pink or peach and a little bit of shine, I just think it looks completely dull and adds unnecessary years again.”

It’s not the only shade that the makeup artist warned women with mature skin to avoid. She opined that “frosty” formulas are also a no-go for people trying to distract from signs of ageing.

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According to the Paris-based beauty expert, cosmetics with a subtle shine or flecks of glitter in the pigment are not flattering on wrinkled skin.

In the video, she demonstrated her point by applying a berry-pink formula to her lips, then claimed that it looked like she had been “smoking for 20 years”.

She suggested that the colour itself is not to blame, but rather the unflattering finish of it that makes lips look textured. 

Instead, Ali recommended choosing lipstick with purple, pink, or peach undertones that warm up the complexion to give it a natural flush.

The perfect shade will differ for each individual, though according to the beauty expert, a general rule is to find a shade that’s one level darker than the natural pigment of the lips.

For the most youthful-looking lips, the YouTube star recommended using a light shade over the lips, followed by a darker shade in the centre and on the cupid’s bow to bring them to life.

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