Little touches make the difference for 'true gent' Charles and Camilla

Nice touch! How little things make the difference when it comes to ‘true gent’ Charles and Queen Camilla – as these pictures show…

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There was quite a wait before they finally made it down the aisle – which might be one reason there’s been no let up in the affection that the King and Queen have shown each other since.

Charles, in particular, has made a point of gentlemanly conduct, losing few opportunities to help Camilla or steady her over some obstacle or another on their public outings.

It’s often the little gestures that make the difference. And, as these pictures show, they certainly count with Camilla…

King Charles makes sure Camilla is well-wrapped up at the opening of the Shetland Museum in Lerwick. On the left is Queen Sonja of Norway 

King Charles puts a loving arm around his wife on an official visit Exmoor, Devon and Cornwall in July 2019

Ever the gentleman, the Prince of Wales helps his wife disembarked HMS Illustrious in Portsmouth in February  2014

When the former Duchess of Cornwall struggled to put on her face mask during the second day of Royal Ascot in 2021, Charles was happy to lend a hand 

The King made sure to adjust the Queen’s blanket to make sure she kept warm during the Greek Independence Day Military Parade in Athens in March 2021

When attending Mark Shand’s funeral in May 2014, Charles was Camilla’s rock, holding her hand and acting as a shoulder to cry on as she struggled with the loss of her younger brother

Attentive Charles holds Camilla by the arm on a 2010 visit to India and ensures she makes it down the stairs safely

Charles is on hand once again as his wife alights the plane on a visit to Skardu in the Pakistani-controlled Himalayas in 2006

Charles checks in with Camilla at this year’s Braemar Gathering

Camilla appeared to be trapped inside her umbrella while visiting Prince William at an RAF base, but thankfully her husband (and stepson William) were on hand 

The Queen hold’s on to Charles’ arm to steady herself after coming ashore barefoot in St Agnes, the Scilly Isles, in 2005

The King and Queen present a touching public display of affection as they walk through the earthquake-devastated village of Pattika in Kashmir in November 2006

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