Man calls off wedding after sister-in-law shaved off his beard

I called off my wedding after my sister-in-law shaved off my beard – my relationship of six years is over

  • The man, who is believed to be from the US, had grown the beard for eight years 
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People have been left stunned after a man revealed he woke up to his sister-in-law taking chunks out of his beard.

The anonymous man, who is believed to be from the US, wrote on Reddit’s ‘Am I wrong’ forum questioning if he was rash for ending his relationship of six years because of the incident.

He explained that while he and his fiancée had been ‘happily’ engaged for the past year, the woman’s sister was always a problem in their relationship as they tell each other everything, including  private matters concerning the man’s childhood.

After an argument over his beard, which resulted in a smashed wine glass, the man awoke to his sister-in-law with a razor to his face.

Reddit users were left speechless by the ‘unhinged’ behavior exhibited by the two women, with one branding them as ‘f*****g insane’.

The bride-to-be’s sister was overbearing and incredibly intrusive in the pair’s relationship – but the final straw in the camel’s back was when she took to the man’s beard with a razor as he slept (stock image) 

The groom-to-be elaborated that his sister-in-law had been his partner’s ‘rock’ during further education, and the pair kept absolutely nothing from each other, including the man’s childhood secrets.

He also divulged that the sister-in-law had always been opposed to him, rarely uttering a word in his direction.

The groom also said he felt at times the sisters’ relationship was overbearing.

He explained the sister-in-law spent every second of her waking hours with the couple for three months during the pandemic, only leaving to eat or go to the lavatory.

However, all the pent up tension came to a head one night as the man and his partner began to quarrel over his ‘very thick’ eight-year-old beard.

When told no, the bride-to-be strutted off smashing a wine glass and plate – all because she was told the beard was here to stay.

Unfortunately, the raging argument did not end there as the man woke up to his sister in law hacking as his beard with a razor.

Awaking from his slumber on the couch, he immediately pushed the sister away, to which his partner scolded him for doing.

The man hurried himself up the stairs, packing his items so that he could make a swift exit, sternly telling his partner that the wedding was off.

The couple who were due to walk down the aisle, had a blazing row prior to the incident, with the bride-to-be smashing plates and wine glasses because she was told the beard was here to stay

After calling things a day with his partner, the man received a flurry of text from both her and her sister with claims the woman was pregnant and that she had made an attempt on her own life

After making his way to his parent’s he told users: ‘Earlier today I got a text from Sally [sister-in-law] saying I was selfish for not shaving my beard because when I go down on Lexi [partner] it feels weird. I haven’t replied to her.’

The following days, the freshly single man received a slew of texts from his now-ex begging him not to leave and claiming she was with child.

After, a hoard of text with allegations that the ex-partner was attempting to take her own life and that she was pregnant, it was confirmed the woman was placed in a psychiatric unit for two weeks.

Reddit users were left stunned by the woman and her sister’s actions towards the man, insinuating that he had dodged a bullet.

One commented: ‘This is not someone you would want to spend your life with.’

Another added: ‘Drama, and self deluded behavior by both just showed you what your future would be if you marry that girl and her scary a** sister. 

Others urged he man to ‘run’ away from the two women, with one person writing: ‘Oh no, get out. This is not okay and abusive. Yelling and smashing dishes alone.’

One individual continued: ‘These are all valid reasons to end the relationship. 

‘Lexi sounds really immature and has horrible boundaries when it comes to her sister and your relationship.’

Reddit users were left stunned by the women’s actions, with an overwhelming majority warning the man to ‘run’ away from the relationship

Some also raised concerns regarding why the man was questioning if he was wrong, when they perceived him as being a victim of assault.

A person stated: ‘This is my thought. Someone took a sharp object around your neck when you were not conscious. Electric or blade that an hurt with a wrong move.’

Another quipped: ‘Ok. So let me get this right. You were assaulted and you’re wondering if our wrong to not want to get married?? No you’re not wrong.’

Many in the comments were urging the man to ‘cancel the wedding and relationship’, branding the two women as ‘exhausting’. 

One commenter stated: ‘Getting so angry about a beard that she smashed a plate and glass? 

‘Her and her sister deciding your boundaries are irrelevant. Even the fact that she can’t keep anything you say to herself.’

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