Married woman called 'disrespectful' for dining out with a male friend

‘I think it’s sad that people would have a problem with this,’ one user wrote, very much echoing the thoughts of many.

A married woman has turned to Mumsnet to ask for opinions on whether it’s inappropriate to go for a meal with her male friend, who is recently single.

People had opinions.

Men and women being friends is a divisive subject, with Metro’s own writers going head to head on it before.

The wife wrote: ‘A good friend of mine was married recently, unfortunately he is now separated through no choice of his own.

‘He has some wedding gifts in the form of vouchers, this specific one to a super nice restaurant that I couldn’t usually afford. DH [darling husband] also wouldn’t go because he doesn’t like a set menu.

‘He asked me today if I would go with him. We have been good friends from before his last relationship, throughout the marriage etc and are quite close.. Entirely mutually platonic.

‘We meet up for walks, the occasional drink etc sometimes alone sometimes with friends. DH knows him and knows when we meet up, never been an issue.

‘Recently we’ve probably been meeting a bit more because he’s been having a hard time and could do with the company.

‘DH thinks it’s inappropriate because its a fancy meal, I’m married, he’s not anymore and seems like a date.

‘I think DH will get over it, he trusts me and I think its more that if someone else saw us together it could look sus.. But surely that shouldn’t really matter?’

It’s safe to say responses were divided.

One person wrote: ‘I wouldn’t be turning it down on the basis of it “looking suss”.. so long as your DH knows the score, go.’

Another agreed, writing: ‘Who cares what anyone else thinks? Free fancy dinner with a friend sounds great.’

Someone else comically added: ‘I can’t see the issue. If you were going to consider shagging him, why would anyone think that the decision would be made on the basis of some steamed prawns.’

But other staunchly disagree.

‘I think it’s a bit off. My ex-husband’s best friend is a female and he would do anything for her but when we were together he would never have gone somewhere really nice without me,’ someone said.

Another said: ‘No matter what I wouldn’t stand for this at all, meeting for a coffee maybe but a nice restaurant and I can’t believe your friend has disrespected your partner place and even asked you.’

Someone offered more balance, saying whatever you would tolerate from your husband, should inform how your behave.

They said: ‘I would and have gone for dinner with a male friend that was recently divorced. DH sometimes doesn’t like it but he knows that his thoughts are entirely unreasonable on the matter.

‘I understand why it might make your DH uncomfortable but he needs to suck it up as you’ve given no reason for it to seem suspicious.

‘That said, if you wouldn’t tolerate the same in his shoes then YABU.’

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