Mindful Chef launch collaboration with Leon and 25 percent off first four health

Busy families will know that keeping on top of everything can be difficult, and maintaining a healthy diet can be a challenge.

Cook healthy fast-food brand LEON’s most popular dishes from home with Mindful Chef’s recipe kits. Get 25 percent off your first four boxes and try the limited edition LEON recipes when you order by September 26.

Recent years have seen a rise in companies offering meal subscriptions, which can help take the burden off when it comes to food shopping and planning meals.

Although there are several brands to choose from, Mindful Chef focuses particularly on healthy and balanced eating.

The meal delivery company has teamed up with LEON to include four of the healthy fast food chain’s most popular recipes so households can enjoy them at home.

New subscribers can get 25 percent off their first four boxes, which is handy for trying out the recipes.

LEON is known for redesigning fast food, with meals that can be served quickly but are also healthy and balanced.

The collaboration with Mindful Chef is ideal for those who already love LEON’s food and would like to recreate it from home, or would simply like to try a healthy and convenient version of home cooking.

New subscribers can try the limited-edition LEON recipes when they order by September 26 for deliveries between September 17-30.

Mindful Chef x LEON recipes include:

⦁ Aioli chicken and rainbow slaw – plus a free Aioli sauce

⦁ Keralan cod curry with coconut and pickled cucumber

⦁ Lentil and butternut squash masala

⦁ Cardamom chicken korma

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Although the Mindful Chef x LEON collaboration is only available for a short time, the meal kit delivery service has plenty of other recipe options to try.

Designed to take the stress out of healthy eating, all of the meals contain lots of high-quality protein, fibre and vegetables to help customers feel their best.

Subscriptions cost from £4.88 per serving, per meal, and customers can choose a minimum of two and maximum of five recipes a week.

It is worth noting that subscribing to a recipe box isn’t necessarily the cheapest option, and for larger families it could be more cost-effective to stick to supermarket shopping, however, it can help with organisation and avoid non-essential impulse purchases.

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