Mom reveals 'life changing' hack for fixing 'broken' Christmas lights

Mom reveals ‘life changing’ hack for fixing ‘broken’ Christmas lights

A mom has revealed a ‘life-changing’ hack for fixing ‘broken’ Christmas lights – revealing why you should never waste money by throwing out a string of the holiday decor without first trying her simple trick. Bobbie Ewers frequently shares her day-to-day life on TikTok , where she boasts over 48,000 followers. Most recently, the US-based content creator took to the video-sharing platform to offer some Christmas spirit to viewers as she showed off her ‘mind-blowing’ trick for salvaging holiday décor.

In the viral clip, which has so far amassed over 19.2 million views, Bobbie revealed how to fix your ‘broken’ Christmas lights by changing the fuse. She captioned the video: ‘Did you know?’ At the beginning of the clip, Bobbie showed the camera a pair of lights that wouldn’t turn on.

While showing the fuse box, she said: ‘What people don’t know is that when [lights don’t work], you just open this little box right here. ‘There’s fuses in there.’ She then showed the camera the bag of extra lights that comes with the décor when you purchase it – adding that it also contains fuses. ‘So you put these other fuses in here and your lights can work,’ Bobbie added. Using a pair of tweezers, Bobbie showed herself removing the old fuses and replacing them with the ones that were in the bag.

After switching them out, she plugged the lights into an outlet again, and sure enough, they all glimmered. ‘Now all your lights work,’ she said at the end of the clip. People flooded the comments section and praised the mom for her ‘life-changing’ tip.

One person said: ‘I am so sorry to every baggy I have thrown away!’ Another user said: ‘I don’t even want to imagine the amount of money I wasted on Christmas lights.’

Someone else commented: ‘This is life-changing information.’

‘You learn something new everyday,’ added one user. According to the National Retail Federation , Americans are estimated to spend between $942- $960 billion during the holiday season on both gifts and décor. Meanwhile, Rocket Homes predicted that the average American spends around $269 on décor alone each year. Meaning Bobbie’s tip can help reduce extra costs as families will no longer have to throw away and repurchase new lights.

Due to soaring costs of living, many people around the country have been trying to reduce their spending. Although inflation had decreased in the past few months, it still remained high and sat at 7.1 per cent. According to consumer data firm Dunnhumby, one-third of households are skipping meals or reducing their portion sizes to save money.

Researchers found that 18 per cent of the survey’s 2,000 participants noted they weren’t getting enough food to eat. Furthermore, 31 per cent of households have reduced their portion sizes due to empty pantries as a result of rising grocery store prices. In addition to food costs, millions of people across the country lack a financial safety net. According to researchers, 64 per cent of participants admitted they wouldn’t be able to raise $400 in an emergency.

Many have suffered due to inflation, which has caused the prices of basic goods to skyrocket – including the prices of meat and poultry up by 10.4 per cent, cereal up 15.1 per cent, and fruits and vegetables up 8.1 per cent. Gas prices are another point of pressure for many people around the country, up nearly 60 per cent over the past year, with the cost of airfares up more than 34 per cent and price of used cars up more than 7 per cent. Apparel costs are up by 5.2 per cent, overall shelter costs went up 5.5 per cent and delivery services have gone up 14.4 per cent. Read the full story:

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