Mum doesn't want to stay at kid's parties because it's a waste of time

I’m a mum and no I won’t be staying at your child’s birthday party and wasting my valuable time

  • Mum-of-three Jai hates attending kid’s birthday parties 
  • She says it’s a ‘major inconvenience’ and waste of her ‘valuable time’  
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A mum with three kids aged five and older has caused a stir after admitting she has no desire to stay at children’s birthday parties because it’s a waste of her ‘valuable time’.

Jai, from the US, claims she doesn’t want to be ‘miserable’ watching her child have fun while she makes ‘small talk’ with other parents. 

The 33-year-old added how attending kids parties is a ‘major inconvenience’ to her and the parents hosting should supervise all the children who attend. 

In a TikTok video Jai listed the four reasons why she won’t be staying if any of her three children are invited to a birthday party – sparking a heated debate.  

Mum-of-three Jai, 33, claims children’s birthday parties are a ‘major inconvenience’ to her and a waste of her ‘valuable time’

‘I don’t wanna stay at your kid’s f***king birthday party, and I’m not gonna stay,’ she said in a viral TikTok video

‘I don’t wanna stay at your kid’s f***king birthday party, and I’m not gonna stay,’ she began.

‘I have three kids. So when one of them comes home, the other two are immediately mad. So I have to de-escalate that situation. 

‘Your kid having a birthday party is a major inconvenience to me.’

Next, Jai complained that most parents share vague details about what their child likes, making it difficult when gift buying. 

‘I have to RSVP, ask you what stuff your kids like because you probably didn’t include it in the invite, go figure out what I’m going to buy your kid, spend my money, wrap it and then take my kid to where you decided they need to be on that date and time,’ she said. 

In addition to this, Jai isn’t willing to give up time out of her day for someone else’s child. 

‘Then you want me to volunteer two to four hours of my day – because it’s not a paid position. If I’m looking at it like a working day and how much I make… my time is valuable,’ she continued.

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Jai added how parents hosting the party shouldn’t complain when they have to watch all the kids who attend (stock image) 

Jai added how parents hosting the party shouldn’t complain when they have to watch all the kids who attend.  

She said: ‘Some of you say “I don’t want to watch all the kids, I have a party to plan”… that’s a party, babes.

‘You are inviting a bunch of kids to run around your house because it’s a benefit to you and for your kid to have a good time. I don’t need to be miserable watching my kid having a good time. I don’t need to make small talk with a group of parents. 

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‘I’m assuming that if you’re a parent who’s going to go out of your way to spend the amount of money that it costs to have a birthday party, you’re probably somewhat of a decent parent and my kid is gonna be fine for like two hours with 15 other kids. 

‘I don’t know why some of you are so ‘hover-y’. What can’t you manage? It’s two hours. You can’t even do a whole lot in two hours. I don’t understand.’

The video has since gone viral and sparked a debate in the comments. 

‘Wow. I’ve never been to a party where parents didn’t stay. I have four kids and have never. Is this a northern thing? Genuinely curious,’ one wrote.  

‘You can’t trust people anymore. Maybe some stay to keep kids safe,’ another said. 

A third said: ‘No, I’m not leaving my little chaos starters with some random person I’ve never met before in the hopes that they watch my kids.’

However, other parents were on Jai’s side and understood her reasoning.  

‘I’ve never been asked to stay at a kids party. Never. and my daughter attends lots of birthday parties,’ one mum wrote. 

‘Unwritten rule. Leave me your kids and go do something or nothing. See ya in a few hours. I’ll do the same. $20 in a card. Boom. Done,’ another said. 

‘I never said at my kids friend’s birthday parties and parents never stayed at my kids parties,’ another wrote.  

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