Mum slammed over ‘ridiculously’ huge pile of gifts for son’s first Christmas

Most parents like to treat their kids to some presents at Christmas.

However, one mum has been slammed over the huge pile of gifts she bought her son for his first festive season, as people branded it 'ridiculous'.

The woman, Michi James, took to TikTok to share the huge Xmas haul she bought her son as he celebrated Christmas for the first time. And it's started quite the debate online.

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The video, shares via Michi's @mjbex account, had overlay text reading: 'Only grandchild's first Christmas'. It showed a pretty impressive collection of presents including baby clothes, books and tons of toys. Michi captioned the short clip: "Baby’s First Christmas."

The video has since racked up thousands of views and tons of comments, as many were keen to have their say. One person slammed the pile of presents, as they branded it "overkill", while another fumed: "Sorry I don't want to be a negative Nancy and I mean no offence by this but this is ridiculous. He is a baby and will never remember all of these things."

A third chimed in: "Don't be offended when the baby gets over unwrapping after the second gift," while another added: "I'm just imagining how many batteries you'll be replacing, our toys all seem to go dead at the same time and suddenly I need multiple bulk packs of batteries at once."

Despite the backlash, many were supportive of the present haul, with one social media user writing: "Life is full of opportunities for everyone!! And it's your choice at the end of the day. Spoil your loved ones. Your money, your life. Love this!"

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Another added: "This is basically my daughter's first Christmas too, oh Lord. Not too much at all mumma."

A third also chimed in: "Honestly, my daughter would have 3x this amount if I could afford it," while a fourth agreed: "You’re doing a great job and so is his grandmother. Ignore anyone who says otherwise and don’t ever apologise again for treating your own family the way you want to."

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