Nestle confirms that it's axed two popular sweet treats

Nestle confirms that it’s axed two popular sweet treats – after shoppers admitted they’d been hunting up and down the country for them

  • Nestle UK has officially AXED Polo Gummies and Polo Fruits due to low sales
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Nestle has left customers devastated after they officially confirmed that they have discontinued two of their well-loved sweet treats.

The multinational recently confirmed on X, formerly known as Twitter that they’d axed Polo Fruits and Polo Gummies in the UK.

One eagle-eyed fan had been roaming supermarket aisles for a while before he asked the food giant: ‘Do you still make fruit Polo? I’ve not seen them anywhere for ages down in the southeast of the UK, yet been told you can still get them up in places like Yorkshire’.

Nestle replied: ‘Unfortunately, our Polo Fruits and Polo Gummies were not as popular as others in the range and have been discontinued.

‘But we’ll surely let the team know you’d like to see them back’. 

Nestle sign (stock image)

Pictured above is the now-discontinued Nestle Polo Fruits

Pictured above is the now-discontinued Nestle Polo Gummies

Another user asked: ‘Hey @NestleUKI, I haven’t been able to find spearmint polos in ages. 

‘Please tell me you didn’t do to them what you did to the fruit ones and the (short-lived but I loved them) gummy ones?’

The X user was set up to be gutted as Nestle replied: Hi Ben, we’re very sorry you’ve had trouble getting hold of Spearmint Polo. 

‘Taking stock of a specific product is at retailer’s discretion, so we would advise you ask in store when they’ll restock. We hope you’ll be able to find some soon!’

The user didn’t give up and started to hunt down his beloved treat in other supermarkets.

And it turns out that a different customer had encountered the same difficulty but in Cambridge, and noticed that his local supermarkets didn’t even ‘have tickets on the shelves for them’.

This comes after Nestlé left shoppers grieving for the second day in a row after axing Animal Bar after 60 years due to ‘low performance’.

It joins the ranks of the fallen with Caramac, which was also taken off the shelves because of poor sales.

X users panic as they can’t find their favourite sweet treats in store anymore

Fans of the milk chocolate bar, which has been around in the UK since 1963, are devastated, claiming the food and beverage giant has ‘gone too far now’. 

A spokesperson told MailOnline it’s ‘being discontinued, for the same reason as Caramac – a steady decline in sales’.

Social media users on X – formerly known as Twitter – have been sharing tributes to the chocolate bar, which had two different named animals on the surface and a game on the inside of the wrapper.

‘Animal bar has passed away,’ one solemn comment said. ‘RIP you will live on forever. Can’t believe it. I wanna run to you. Really can’t believe this.’

‘I’ve woken to the news that the Animal bar will soon be extinct. It brings back fond memories from my childhood, and I know of no other chocolate bar that cracks in the same deliciously satisfying way,’ a second added.

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