Optical illusion shows who is looking for love or and who is a lone wolf

This quick yet fun personality test is able to show people how their love life is currently going.

This optical illusion requires the viewer to quickly take a look at the picture, which should appear as either a flock of doves flying in the sky or a woman’s face looking down.

Depending on what the viewer sees, this pretty brainteaser should reveal if you are a lone wolf who does not wish to be tied down, or a kind-hearted soul looking to settle down with a loved one.

This psychological picture was first shared in a video by Mia Yilin, an optical illusion specialist who has amazed the internet with her ability to accurately predict a person’s personality traits.

On social media, Mia has shocked users with her optical illusion’s accuracy. In her comment section, one person wrote: “It is a little shocking how you always get it right” while another commentator said: “It’s kinda scary how you are able to read me.”

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Those who first saw the birds are lone wolves or prefer to not commit to a relationship at the moment. They are very social and fun to be around but also love having time to themselves. They are more focused on their career or hobbies rather than looking for love.

Mia said: “You are someone who struggles with long-term commitments because you crave excitement and predictability bores you.

However, they are someone who worries a lot about can doubt themselves. It can cause them to procrastinate and not know what they should be doing in life.

Mia added: “You are also very prone to overthinking, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety in your life.”

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Woman’s Face

Anyone who first sees a woman’s face is a very kind-hearted person who is admired by others for their compassionate and helpful nature. Family and love tend to be their biggest priority in life.

Mia said: “You are a highly empathetic person, quick to pick up on the emotions of others.”

However, they can quickly feel overwhelmed if people around you are not pulling their weight, and can feel taken advantage of because of their caring personality.

Mia added: “This sensitivity allows you to connect deeply with people, but it can also be overwhelming, as you tend to absorb the negative energy of those around you.”

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