People are just realising they’ve been scraping ice off car windscreens wrong

Scrolling through social media, there appears to be a new video every other week about a simple task everyone seems to get wrong — and this week is no different.

This time, Brits have been told they have been doing something as simple as scraping ice off their windscreen wrong. Well, one woman took to social media to correct people who may be getting it wrong as winter is upon us.

Charlotte Brown admitted in a video that she had always used the flat side of her ice scraping tool. But she didn't realise that the dented side had any practical purpose.

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In the clip, which has gained over 4,000 views the TikTok user, from Hertfordshire, said: "Please tap me if you knew this hack. So you know that side with the bits on."

She then demonstrated using the side of the scraper with the dents over her frosted windscreen, before flipping it around and using the flat side. "Look how much quicker that is," she declared.

Charlotte then spoke to her followers as she sat in her car, saying : "I must be dumb because I literally never knew that's what that side was for, I thought it was just decoration. It comes off within seconds. And there's me sat there for hours trying to defrost the car, at times."

TikTok viewers were left stunned as they confessed they never realised they've been doing it wrong all this time. A user said: "How have I not known this?"

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Another commented: "I never knew that not me fighting with mine every morning." A third wrote: "I never knew either. Learning more off TikTok than I did at school Lool xx."

Meanwhile, others took to the comments claiming they already knew how to use it. A fourth added: "Not a hack, just what you are supposed to do," as a fifth penned: "I thought this was common sense."

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