People are only just realising why Dark Fruits costs more than regular cider

If you like a little drink now and then, you'll know that some booze costs more than others.

Cider is one popular tipple that can vary in price. One thing those money-savvy among us may have noticed is that Dark Fruits is more expensive than normal cider. But – fear not – as there's a reason why.

According to regulation, a cider can only be defined (in tax terms) as a cider if it is one of three colours (gold, straw, amber), and if its anything other than that then it’s taxed as made wine. This explains a lot.

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James Crampton, Head of Corporate Affairs at Heineken UK, said: "We’re proud that British apples are used in many of our ciders, including popular fruit brands like Strongbow Dark Fruit, but consumers don’t understand why prices are different between ciders.

"It’s because as soon as you add other fruits to the apple cider base, it’s taxed in a completely different way and treated as wine. The cider industry needs support to innovate and encouragement to invest, and so fruit cider using British apples should be given a level playing field and taxed like any other cider."

As well as this, tax matters can make things a little tricky too.

Jane Peyton, from School of Booze, added: "Britain's cider duty/tax is rather complicated. One example is the additional duty levied on cider that contains ingredients other than apples.

"This includes fruit ciders so that means producers are less likely to innovate and offer customers exciting new flavour combinations."

Strongbow Original is not made using animal derived products, but there is a possibility there'll be carryover from Strongbow ciders that are. Meanwhile, Strongbow Dark Fruit, Cloudy Apple and Rosé are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

In the UK, the brand makes four varieties of the cider. According to the website, the original is "crisp and refreshing", whereas the Dark Fruit variety offers an initial hit of fruits with a "clean apple finish".

You can also snap up some Cloudy Apple and a new Strongbow Rosé, which is a slightly sparkling rosé cider made with blush-red apples. Strongbow products are available in most pubs and supermarkets across the UK, though prices of each tipple may vary.

The company has been running since, and is now the UK's number one cider brand. Strongbow cider apples are grown and pressed in Herefordshire, which means its all products are produced on British soil.

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