People are only now realising that Greggs doesn’t sell hot food

Brits consume a lot of Greggs in their lifetimes – but they're only now learning something about the food.

Recently the chain announced it would be opening its first ever fine-dining establishment, which left fans stunned. Food fans who turned up to the Parisien-esque bistro in Fenwick were thrilled to see items such as high-end steak bakes on the menu, which were served with truffled creamy dauphinoise potatoes, green beans and some almonds.

Meanwhile sweet fans were also delighted to try the bakery's signature "Yum Yums", which were served with a little caramel sauce and crunchy macadamia brittle. Talk about taking lunch to the next level!

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As well as the fine-dining news, customers were also pleased to hear that the bakery has vowed to keep its prices as low as possible for regulars. But Greggs has only been able to make this possible by deciding not to store their "hot" food in a hot counter.

Little you may know, this has always been the case. Fans were left stunned when they realised this is the reason why some food isn't always hot when they snap it up.

If you're wondering why this happens, it's all because of the "Pasty TAX". No, we're not kidding.

In the food industry, a value-added tax (VAT) is applied to hot takeaway food. Meanwhile, meals that have cooled down or are served cold are exempt.

Explaining the matter on the brand's website, a statement reads: "We sell savouries that are freshly baked in our shop ovens, then put on a shelf to cool. We don't keep them in a heated environment, use heat-retaining packaging, or market them as hot because of this.

"As bakers, we believe that baking our savouries fresh each day gives customers the best quality product. If the sausage rolls and bakes were kept hot after they had been baked, then they would be subject to VAT and the customer would have to be charged a higher price, in the same way that we charge VAT on our hot sandwiches which are kept in a heated cabinet and are subject to VAT."

So the shiny counters at Greggs don't actually keep your food warm, and customers have said they've "fooled us all". In the past, the fast food chain has urged people to visit the store at "the right time" to ensure their orders are as hot as possible when consumed.

The only way you can really be promised a hot meal is if you arrive when a fresh batch of your favourite goodies have come out of the oven. Well, it's either that, or popping up north to eat at the new bistro.

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