Save £120 on this sonic gua sha that will boost your collagen and ‘help you feel rejuvenated’

Raise your hand if the exquisite experience of a face massage during a facial has ever made you ponder, 'You know what? Perhaps this £150 clinic visit is truly worth every single quid!'

Our desire to replicate the positive effects on both physical appearance and well-being that we get through professional facials has fuelled a thriving market for at-home skin-perfecting tools with consumers engaging in extensive research to find the best devices capable of making a tangible difference on their bodies, all without needing a significant recurrent investment to achieve those professional-level results.

By doing just a quick Googling, you'll discover plenty of facial tools available across all budget brackets. Some options (a little mind-boggling to be honest) even exceed a thousand pounds, such as the FAQ 103 Professional Facial Rejuvenation Set,£1199 here. However, what money-savvy shoppers are really looking for is a high-performing face massager that doesn't break the bank and on the topic,Eclat Skincareis a valuable ally.

The Eclat Skincare Sonic Vibration Gua Sha Micro-current Massager,now £37.99 here, is a home device designed to provide multiple benefits for the skin. It uses micro-current technology and sonic vibrations to stimulate collagen production and improve blood flow, without the tiring manual movement of a traditional Gua Sha.

You can now snagthis deviceat an incredible 75% off as it was originally priced at £150 – that means you're saving a whopping £112! But it's not just about the savings; this device takes the old skin-scraping routine to a whole new level. With cutting-edge technology, it not only enhances the absorption of your favourite skincare products but also treats you to a relaxing massage. Those rhythmic pulses? They're not just there for show – they release facial tension and say goodbye to puffiness.

Tools like these seem initially scary to use, especially if you're not an expert, but with the Eclat Skincare Sonic Vibration Gua Sha Micro-current Massager,now £37.99 here, the process seems pretty straightforward. All you've to do is ensure the device is fully charged, apply a facial cream or oil and then use it for five to ten minutes. Much like the traditional Gua Sha technique, apply gentle pressure to your skin while massaging the appropriate areas.

Once you start diving into the world of home-skin tools there is no coming back and you will be left wanting more and more. If you're on a tight budget, you should give a try to the LUX SKIN® LED Rejuvenation Wand,now £29 from £90 here, which will help you reduce redness and hyperpigmentation. If you're on a little splurging spree, then you might want to consider the L(A)B TITAN total tightening and anti-ageing system,£150 here, designed to provide non-surgical face and body lifting in just 4 minutes with its tightening, lifting and contouring functions.

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