Scratch card winner branded ‘most boring bloke’ over £100k spending revelation

A lot of people dream about winning a huge sum of money on a scratch card and think about what they'd do with the winnings if they did.

Whether it be splashing out on luxury travel, buying a home or treating those who love.

However, one man has been branded the "most boring bloke ever" after revealing what he did with his £100,000 winnings.

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The man revealed all on popular X (formerly Twitter) account @Fesshole, where people share their deepest and darkest secrets. He claimed he'd won the money seven years ago and hadn't even told his wife. Instead, the man made sure all the money went into his pension.

He wrote: "Seven years ago I won £100,000 on a scratch card. I didn't tell anyone, not even my wife who'd want to share it with our family. Instead I increased my pension contribution and slowly fed it into my pension account. It took six years to get it all in."

The post has since gone viral – racking up a staggering 3.9million views. And it seems like many agree the guy is "boring" for what he decided to do with the money.

"Google, show me the worst use of £100k in history," wrote on social media user under the post, with someone agreed: "It’s up there with the most boring, that’s for sure!"

"Worst way to invest or hide that ever," added a third, while a fourth chimed in: "The most Ned Flanders fess of all time."

"There's a special place in the retirement homes for people like these," added in a fifth, while another called him the "world's most boring man".

Despite this, some stuck up for the guy, with one person writing: "You’d get tax relief on the contribution adding at least 20% to the value, then tax free growth through to retirement. Removes temptation to fritter away as you have no access until 55. Could give a comfortable retirement."

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Others also speculated about what they would do with the money themselves, with one person saying: "Not that I would ever win the lottery or anything but if I do, I'm going to make sure everyone knows I won it and watch people try to come out of the woodwork and try to be my "friend" due to it….then laugh at all of them that came out of seemingly nowhere and probably live like a hermit with the boyfriend. Only people that would ever see a dime of winnings are my close friends I have now. Anyone that comes after just wouldn't matter lol."

One person who doesn't need to speculate about winning money is ex-brickie Gareth Bull, 52, who landed a cool £41million Euromillions jackpot. He splashed out on a luxury bachelor pad which includes a fake lake and three bars.

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