Shoppers are rushing to buy £7.50 plant which banishes mould & damp – experts call it 'the best air cleaner available' | The Sun

SAVVY shoppers are rushing to get their hands on a £7.50 houseplant which banishes mould and damp.

A gardening expert has praised this cheap and cheerful greenery as "the best air cleaner available".

Many mould and damp removal, or prevention, products on the market can be pretty expensive.

And, as bargain hunters search for ways to slash their spending amid a cost of living crisis – this £7.50 decor item could help.

Instead of forking out for an air humidifier, gardening expert Angela Slater recommended a palm plant.

The green fingered whizz, from Hayes Garden World, told Homes and Gardens: "Mould is caused by cool, damp temperatures in the home and can be unsightly, difficult to remove, and a danger to health, particularly if you are asthmatic."

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However, by welcoming an effective houseplant, studies have shown a 40 to 60 per cent reduction in fungal spores and bacteria.

"They reduce the humidity in a room which is the cause of mould by absorbing the moisture through their leaves," added Angela.

The gardening guru revealed palm plants are "some of the best air cleaning indoor plants" and are great at "removing common causes of mold such as excess mixture, xylene, and formaldehyde through their leaves".

Angela continued: "Good types to look out for are Areca palms (also perfect cat-safe indoor plants), bamboo palms, lady palms, and reed palms."

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She explained these leafy air cleaners will need a lot of light but don't need watered that often – which is usually perfect for beginners.

"As a large specimen plant is more capable of removing a greater amount of moisture, these fit the bill perfectly as they normally come as a large plant," she added.

B&Q are selling a beautiful palm plant for just £7.50 which combines style with practical function for your home.

Their Parlour Palm in 12cm Terracotta Plastic Grow pot, could make the perfect decor addition.

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