Sister Wives' Janelle and Christine Brown Reveal How Their Children Feel About Polygamous Marriages

Janelle and Christine Brown reveal whether or not any of their children have chosen a polygamous lifestyle and how the kids feel about the Mormon Church

Sister Wives star’s Janelle and Christine Brown are getting real about where their children stand on polygamous marriages.

In a new interview with People, the pair, who have since walked away from their plural marriage to ex Kody Brown, shared that most of their children are against polygamy.

“None of our children have chosen to live polygamy. We don’t even have any really that are in the Mormon church, the mainstream [Latter-Day Saints] church,” Janelle, 54, told the outlet. “When they were growing up, we always just encouraged them to have a relationship with God, and I think many of them do in their own way. I think polygamy is hard, and I think you really do have to have a religious conviction, and they just don’t.”

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Christine, 51, shares a similar sentiment, telling People that most of her children say it’s not for them.

“Some of our kids have seen how hard it is, and some of our kids have seen the separation,” Christine said of her November 2021 split from Kody. “They see how hard it is and they’re like, ‘No, no, no, no, no. No, that’s not for me.'”

Christine who shares shares Paedon, Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel and Truely with the Sister Wives patriarch, has since moved on from the marriage, recently getting engaged to fiancé David Woolley. Janelle, meanwhile, separated from Kody back in December, ending their 30-year spiritual marriage.

Janelle, who is mom to sons Logan, Hunter, Garrison and Gabriel and daughters Madison and Savanah, said that both she and Christine were all for the dream of raising the Brown family’s combined 18 children under one roof until they “didn’t fit anymore.”

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Kody shares children ranging in ages 7 to 29 from his marriages to Christine, Janelle, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown.

“We had this vision that the children would be raised together as siblings, and we tried living in one house as long as we could until we didn’t fit anymore,” Janelle recalled. “We were really about that dream. That big picture was our dream.”

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Christine, who is still working through her differences with some members of the family, said she’s hopeful they can function as a unit again in the future.

“I’m hopeful that we someday we can function as a family again,” Christine added. “I think we have smaller separate families that bump into each other like boats on the water and it causes ripples and it’s bumpy. Sometimes it’s very rough waters, but eventually, hopefully, we can be around each other and it will be calm.”

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