This £45 shopper-loved heated blanket that costs 2p an hour to run is now half-price on Amazon

As the temperatures continue to drop across the UK, we’re all reaching for the thermostat to crank the heating up, but with the current cost of living crisis we’re feeling the pinch when it comes to our heating bills.

As Martin Lewis said, try to heat the person not the room when it comes to staying warm this winter, and it seems savvy shoppers have discovered the perfect low cost way of doing exactly that.

It turns out the Mia & Coco Electric Heated Blanket, £44.99 here (was £89), will save you money on all counts, as not only is it cheap to run, but it’s also now half price on Amazon.

The heated blanket has now been reduced from £89 to just £44.99 on the retailers site, saving you £45 and making it an absolute bargain of a purchase, particularly when you consider how cheap it is to run.

According to those who’ve already snapped the Mia & Coco Electric Heated Blanket, £44.99 here (was £89), up, the blanket costs anything from 2p to 10p an hour to run, which is considerably cheaper than running your home’s central heating for even just an hour.

One reviewer wrote: “So this item is lovely and soft. It uses around 180w of power and current costs around 10p an hour to run.”

Whilst another user said: “Exceptionally cheap to run, costing around 1p an hour on low, 2p an hour on the medium setting, and 5p an hour on high at the current standard variable electricity unit rates (accurate October 2023).”

The Mia & Coco Electric Heated Blanket, £44.99 here (was £89), has 10 different heat settings ranging from 25°C to 53°C and nine different levels of auto-off timer, so you can set it to automatically switch off during the night to prevent it running longer than needed.

It measures 120cm by 160cm, so is big enough to wrap yourself up in on the sofa or drape over the top of your duvet whilst you sleep. It is important to note you can’t use this as an under-the-sheet heated blanket or underneath a duvet, but it’s more than fine for snuggling up under while you watch the TV or fall asleep.

As well as electronically heating up, the blanket itself is lovely and warm even when it’s not turned on thanks to its sherpa and flannel material that's super soft and cosy, and it comes in eight different colours so you can pick one that matches your decor.

“Best heated blanket I've ever bought so lovely and warm and soft. Bought another 2 my daughter loves it.highly recommended,” said another review, whilst someone else wrote: “Lovely and warm. Heats up quickly and stops me putting the heating on”

If you’re also looking for something warm and cosy to wear around the house, maybe while you WFH or if you know you need to get up and down frequently for kids/pets/family, a hoodie blanket is another way to stay extra toasty, even when you have to vacate your warm spot on the sofa.’s Hooded Blanket, £49 here, has also been reduced from £89 at the moment, and is perfect for staying super cosy and warm whilst still being able to do your usual activities like working, cooking, or crafts and hobbies without getting cold.

Martin Lewis would be proud.

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