Trolls slam curvy teacher for ‘inappropriate’ and ‘attention-grabbing’ outfit

Trolls have shown no mercy to a curvy art teacher as they slammed her 'inappropriate' and 'attention-grabbing' outfit.

The teacher, based in Montana, US, posts on social media under the name 'Toybox Dollz' and is no stranger to being targeted by users.

In her Instagram posts, the teacher, who is named as Roxsana Diaz on her account, often wears figure-hugging tops to flaunt her small waist and show off her hourglass curves.

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But it's the pictures taken in the classroom that have drawn the most ire from followers, who have labelled her "desperate for attention".

Her latest picture, which showd her in a classroom amongst a number of children while wearing a tight-fitting jeans and top combo, has once again received a backlash online.

Alongside her post, she asked if her educating colleagues were ready for the new school year.

"Have you prepared mental release exercises to make sure you do not become overwhelmed by unprofessional or vindictive administration?" she said.

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She added: "Being an educator is so much harder than people will ever understand, especially people that have never been educators.

"We are overworked, most receive low pay, and the job is truly Monday-Monday.

"Educators are trusted with the well-being and safety of other adults' most priced treasures, their children. If an educator is not fully taking care of their mental health, they will not be able to perform adequately.

"So please take some time every day before that bell rings to work on yourself so you can perform for those babies."

She signed off her post by giving those struggling in the role mentally, physically or financially, a contact for help.

However, social media users bypassed the message of help and focused on her clothing.

One poster said: "This is disgusting… if you don’t think so, then you’re the problem as well. I’m talking about the intention. Ya whole brand is a sexy teacher… I get it but leave the kids outta it. Crazy world. Anything for money."

Another said: "I get it you not wanting to only be known for your body but you contradict yourself by posting the first pic and making it seem about education."

A third weighed in by saying: "This feels wrong on many levels. You should rethink your pics and poses before you post. You need to learn social responsibility sweety… know you a sexy baddie, not important to show assets."

But not everyone had a problem with her outfit, with many followers taking to the comments to praise her and tell her to ignore the haters.

One said: "Keep teaching and remember when you are doing Gods work the devil will always come for you and try to stop you."

Another added:"I know this post helps someone who needs to do a mental self-help check!!! Keep posting", while a third said: "You be what GOD intended you to be in body and spirit. Those same people are envious of your body and looks."

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