US man living in Scotland reveals list of complaints about UK life

US man living in Scotland sends Britons into meltdown with long list of complaints about UK life – from homes without air conditioning to not celebrating the 4th of July

  • Mark Cole said everything in the country looks like ‘it needs a power wash’
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Some light competition between the UK and the US is nothing new, but one American ex-pat has revealed all the British habits that boil his blood.

Mark Cole, who is currently living in Scotland, took to TikTok to reveal the multitude of things about the British Isles that drive him around the bend.

Among his extensive list of grievances are Britons not celebrating Thanksgiving or the fourth of July – the USA’s Independence Day.

However, his annoyances don’t stop there, with Mark sharing that everything in Britain is ‘tiny’.

Whether it’s the sinks, the living rooms or the showers – Britain isn’t doing it big like their friends across the pond, according to the TikToker.

An American living in Scotland – Mark Cole (pictured) – was left baffled by our strange parking habits

But the complaints about housing did not stop there. Despite, being miffed about quintessential rainy summers, the American was left baffled as to why many home don’t have air conditioning.

However, while the sinks, rooms and houses may not be the size of a grandiose Calabasas mansion, apparently the size of the spiders is something to behold according to Mark.

Another aspect of British life that left the American perplexed was the driving and no, it wasn’t the roundabouts, it was actually the parking.

Mark was also left bemused by the lack of air conditioning in Britain, whilst also complaining about our long rainy summer months

Whilst, posing next to a series of cars next to a residential road, the baffled American said: ‘Brits just park at the side of the road.’

Mark who has nearly 5,000 followers on TikTok, declared that Britain was not the tidiest nation.

According to Mark, ‘everything looks like it needs a power wash’ and Brits love to discard of their rubbish everywhere.

And whilst the island does have many American imports like McDonalds, KFC and Taco Bell, it is not enough for the American, who deemed the lack of iHop, Cheesecake Factory or Target as a disadvantage.

Much like a pair of squabbling siblings, both US and UK viewers took to the comments to argue who was better.

While Mark argued: ‘They [Britain] don’t do fall like the USA,’ a Brit quipped: ‘We don’t do fall because it’s called Autumn.’

Another added: ‘It’s almost as if you’re in a different country.’ 

Others hurried to Britain’s defense stating: ‘We have Greggs,’ with another added: ‘Yeah but we have Tesco.’

Some backed up the American in his British pet-peeves, writing: ‘I’m British and complain about all of the same things, except the rain, heat makes me feral.’

Others were unimpressed by his desire for AC, at the same times as complaining that it’s always raining, to which Mark replied: ‘It can still be hot when it’s raining’. 

And many offered to help Mark pack his bags, with one woman summing up a lot of feelings by saying: ‘Close the door on your way out’.  

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