We ate strangers Wetherspoons food and got order ban – it was accident

Two blokes who "took risks" with the Wetherspoons app were left baffled when two full meals came to their table.

They had posted their table number on Facebook and assumed the food was for them – but it turns out they'd made an awkward mistake.

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Lee and his friend Karl were having drinks at a Wetherspoons in Nottingham for his 30th birthday when they decided to play the viral "Spoons App" game. It involves posting your table number and the pub that you're in onto social media so that people can send drinks to your table from the app.

However, they were flabbergasted when they received full plates of food instead of beverages. "Who sends someone a full meal?" Karl asked, before Lee replied: "I don't know Karl, probably people on my Facebook."

But this wasn't what happened at all – as Karl explained in a follow-up video that they had made an awkward blunder. The pair had eaten the food believing it was intended for them but it wasn't actually meant to be sent to their table at all.

In the video, which has gained more than 5,000 likes, Karl said: "As it turns out, nobody sent us a full meal. What happened was the table behind us put the wrong table number on their order. So this food arrived on our table.

"Because we've had such random things sent to us through playing that game, we assumed someone had sent it to us. But then the staff blamed us like it was our fault that they put the wrong table number down."

The pair were apparently refused service for anymore food purchased via the app. The TikToker added: "They weren't going to bring any more food out to the table if it was ordered through the app. So it was like the end of the game pretty much at that point. We did get more drinks though, so yay!"

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TikTok users found the blunder hilarious as they took to the comments to poke fun at the situation. One commenter said: "This is so funny."

Another added: "You still ate it no questions." A third commented: "So you got the blame for someone else's mistake??" A fourth added: "Whoops."

Meanwhile, others believed the pair were at fault as they shouldn't have accepted food if they didn't order it. A user said: "You could have said you didn’t order any food."

To which, Karl replied: "I swear to god, does no one know how the Wetherspoons game works." But despite the disruption, Lee said in the comments: "It was a great night for my 30th though."

Wetherspoons have been contacted for a comment.

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