Woman brutally mocked for asking why seasons are different in Australia

An American woman has been mocked online after admitting she struggled to grasp the idea that seasons occur at the opposite time of year in Australia as they do in the US.

TikToker Jenna Lu revealed that the way seasons work Down Under 'keeps her up at night' as June to August is winter in the southern hemisphere.

Instead Australians enjoy their summer at Christmas time while folk in the northern hemisphere get their woolly hats on.

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The video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times, with many viewers more than a little amused by Jenna's admission that she couldn't understand how the countries had polar opposite seasons.

"I need somebody from Australia to explain this to me as I don't understand how this works," Jenna says at the start of the video.

"I learned recently in Australia, it's wintertime right now. Right now it's August in America and for you guys it's winter.

"For me, I think of June, July, August as summer months.

"So I'm just confused because do you first of all still call it August and second of all, is August, if you do call it that, a winter month for you?'"

She said she believed many other Americans were as confused as she was.

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She was also thrown by Halloween occurring in spring, asking if Aussies had pumpkins too, as they were a product of the autumn season in the US.

She then moved onto Christmas, asking whether Santa Claus was dressed in a swimsuit, and whether they had seasonal drinks like hot chocolate.

"Every time I think about this my brain wants to die because it's so confusing to me, because like everything seems like it would be backwards for you guys," she added.

She then signed off with a picture comparing the seasons in the southern and northern hemispheres, asking people from Australia if it was true.

Viewers on TikTok were quick to leap on the chance to mock her.

"This is surely a skit," one user wrote.

"Does America have schooling?' another added..

A third said: "I feel like hearing about the seasons close to the equator might break you."

While a fourth added: "Halloween happens during spring & that’s when all the venomous snakes & spiders start reproducing so it’s actually a super terrifying time of year."

One supportive poster however wrote: "Why is everyone in the comments freaking out this is a valid thought like idk either."

While the video was played dead straight, plenty of people thought that Jenna knew exactly what she was doing and didn't actually believe what she was saying.

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