Woman lands huge £50k restaurant bill after sharing snap of food on social media

With the cost of living crisis, going out for a meal at a restaurant is a nice treat for most people at the moment.

However, one woman may be regretting her decision to go for dinner after being landed with an eye-watering £50,000 bill. And it's all because she decided to share a snap of her food on social media.

A lot of people don't take any thought to sharing snaps of their dinner on their social pages. However, a lady from China may be thinking twice about doing it again after an unfortunate incident.

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The woman in question, surnamed Wang, enjoyed a meal at a hotpot restaurant in Kunming, Southwest China, with her friend. She decided to take to Chinese app WeChat to show her friends and followers what she was up to. However, she didn't realise that in doing so, she'd land such a monstrous bill.

When the time came to pay, she was handed over a hefty receipt for a staggering 430,000 yuan (around £50,000). How may you ask? Well, it turns out, the photo she uploaded included her table's QR code, which she and her friend had used to order their meal.

And when other people have access to your table's QR code, they are able to add meals onto your order.

Although the photo was only shared with a handful of her selected contacts, a few shady people clearly thought it would be hilarious to add ludicrous amounts of food on to her bill.

According to The South China Morning Post, the naughty social media users added 2,580 orders of squid, 1,850 orders of duck blood (a popular delicacy in the region) and 9,990 portions of shrimp paste.

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Although the woman quickly realising her error and deleted the online post, she continued to be inundated with orders. However, luckily for her, the owners of the restaurant were sympathetic when it came to their customer's mistake, and let her off without having to pay the enormous bill.

In fact, they even reportedly moved her and her friend to a new table so they could distinguish the real orders from the fake ones.

Since the incident, the restaurant has altered its ordering system so they can now only be placed within a certain distance of the property. Probably a good idea in the social media day and age!

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