Woman shares two ‘must-have items’ to banish snow from car to avoid hefty fines

A woman shared two must-have items for banishing snow and ice from her car as she warned other drivers they could face fines if not done properly.

Cathy Pedrayes, who posts as The Mom Friend on social media, revealed the simple trick she uses to make life easier during the winter months – and avoiding hefty fines in the process. The New Yorker explained how drivers could face fines for not properly clearing away snow and offered her advice on how to do it without it being so time-consuming.

In one of her videos, which gained more than 220,000 likes, she said: "Snow safety for your car. Clear the snow and ice off your car's roof. It's for safety because as you're driving, the snow can fly off and hit other cars.

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"But also you can be fined. In some states, it can be up to $1,000, or you can get a ticket for other things, like having an unsecured load. And even without a fine, it's a courtesy to other drivers."

To do so, she added in a follow up clip, she revealed her two must-haves in the car for clearing away snow. In the clip, she was seen holding a snow broom/scraper, which she claims makes it "easier to clear away snow" and "won't scratch her car". Cathy demonstrated how to use the product by brushing snow off her car roof with it.

But she also has a hack for keeping her windshield ice free, as she added: "A frost free windshield cover. It's like a tarp for your car. Put it on your windshield before the snow. You're able to secure it so it can't be stolen or blow away. Then when it snows, you just pull it off."

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TikTok viewers were left stunned by the easy clearing as they took to the comments to praise her for sharing the hack. One user said: "My country doesn't have snow but it's good to know since I'm planning."

Another added: "Omg I need the scraper!" Meanwhile, a third commented: "If helpfulness was a person."

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