Would YOU spend £37 on a setting spray?

New make-up fixers promise everything from blurring wrinkles to tightening skin. But would YOU spend £37 on a setting spray?

  • FEMAIL tests make-up fixers from MAC, Guerlain Parure, Lisa Eldridge and more
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A classic revamped

MAC Fix+ Stay Over, £28 for 100ml, maccosmetics.co.uk

The claim: ‘Set it and forget it’ says MAC of the original Fix+ spray developed two decades ago to stop models’ make-up sliding under the runway lights. An instant and continued bestseller and now expanded with the latest addition, the alcohol-free MAC Fix+ Stay Over.

Dehydrating alcohol has been removed, while fruit extracts have been added to hydrate, along with ingredients to protect against pollution and blue light.

The verdict: I applied this fine mist at 8am and it gave an instant refreshing glow. My make-up stayed put and my skin felt moisturised, but I did need to reapply my ‘face’ at 5pm and add another MAC spritz.

That said, it was hitting 30c that day and I was walking to various meetings so it delivered the results I needed it to.


Make-up fixers from brands including MAC and Guerlain Parure, as well as high-street brand Superdrug, promise to blur wrinkles, tighten skin and more 

Guerlain Parure Gold Mist Setting Mist, RRP £40 for 30ml, guerlain.co.uk; currently £34, johnlewis.com

Gold standard

Guerlain Parure Gold Mist Setting Mist, RRP £40 for 30ml, guerlain.co.uk; currently £34, johnlewis.com

The claim: A beauty editor favourite, it claims to create a perfect film with even distribution. The alcohol in this formula is counterbalanced with moisturising hyaluronic acid and vegetable glycerine to give a plumping effect along with the antioxidant echinacea, while peptides raise collagen.

The verdict: Guerlain claims your foundation appears 29 per cent more radiant and I agree; the atomiser floated the product onto my skin and immediately I saw — and loved — the blurring effect on the lines around my eyes. Plus, my make-up stayed in place for a full 12 hours.

The only issue? It smells so good — a mix of rose, raspberry, jasmine and white musk — it was hard to resist topping up. It’s also not cheap but with the added luxurious skincare ingredients, it can be used all year round.


A clunky spray

Studio London by Superdrug U MATTE-R Setting Mist, £5 for 100ml, superdrug.com

The claim: Already selling out twice this year, ingredients include silica to mattify and humectants to lock in water. It’s also alcohol-free.

The verdict: I really wanted to like this, given its success and price-point and was thrilled to snag the last bottle in my local Superdrug. However, the pump-spray was so hard to push down and spat out the liquid with patchy distribution.

It wasn’t the best experience compared to the others. However, it did keep make-up set and shine-free for seven hours so if you can tolerate the poor packaging and pump design this is a cost-effective option for a good-sized bottle.


Red-carpet resilience

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin and Make-up Enhancing Mist, £37, selfridges.com

The claim: Launched in April, make-up artist Lisa Eldridge’s mist is a real-life red-carpet must for her clients who include Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley and Jessica Biel.

Alcohol-free, it contains Filmexel, a naturally sourced biopolymer that forms a resistant and flexible invisible mesh on the skin to lock in hydration while tightening and lifting the complexion.

Clever, huh? Claims to deliver a great glow from plant extracts including beetroot.

The verdict: Eldridge has a hit on her hands. My skin instantly looked fresher and, during a humid garden dinner, my make-up didn’t budge.


The two-for-one

3INA The Fixing Spray, £15, superdrug.com

3INA The Fixing Spray, £15, superdrug.com

The claim: Confusingly pronounced ‘mina’, this Spanish make-up brand specialises in brightly coloured make-up and claims that this two-step primer and fixing spray will hold cosmetics in place and deliver a dewy finish.

It’s rich in hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture while caffeine acts as an antioxidant.

The verdict: I spritzed on the primer then stacked on the make-up — from green eyeshadow to concealer and foundation — and used the fixing spray.

I loved the two-pronged approach of primer and topcoat and it’s a genius product; even my green eyeshadow stayed put, the spray spritzed perfectly, a summery cucumber scent and the bottle is very cheery on your dressing table.


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