BBC commentator gasps live on air as long jumper 'goes into orbit' after epic fail at World Athletics Championships | The Sun

AN UNFORTUNATE long jump star caused a BBC commentator to gasp after slipping at the World Athletics Championships.

Carey Mcleod, 25, slipped on the board as he looked to propel himself, sending him flying through the air head first.

The unusual incident saw the BBC commentator gasp as soon as the long jumper left the ground and was heard wincing throughout the replays.

On a slow motion replay of Mcleod in the sand pit, the commentator said: "You can see something has really seriously hurt him there."

Luckily McLeod, who represents Jamaica, did not suffer any major injuries and fans were able to see the funny side when the incident was clipped up and put on social media.

One fan said: "Man just invented a new sport. Far better than the long jump. May need a longer sandpit tho."


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Another said: "That man FLEW."

A third compared him with Manchester United goalkeeper Andre's Onana, who nearly gave away a penalty in the club's opening fixture against Wolves earlier this month and said: "Fantastic imitation of Onana v Wolves."

Another joked: "Great new sport. I could watch this all day long."

Another fan said: "All jumps should be done this way – superb effort."

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The commentators pointed out that these sorts of slips have become a more common occurrence recently after decision-makers decided to get rid of Plasticine on the jump board.

The Plasticine was placed on the foul line as it would indent if a jumper fouled.

But that was replaced in 2022 with high-tech cameras used instead tojudge fouling.

The downside of this is the fact that Plasticine also helped jumpers with grip on a failed jump, leading to less incidents like yesterday's.

McLeod will be disappointed with his effort, given he was one of the favourites to finish with a medal in the competition.

His head first jump saw him lose a tie break for a bronze medal with compatriot Tajay Gayle after they both recorded a distance of 8.27m.

Their fellow countryman Wayne Pinnock looked to be on course for gold.

But he had to settle for silver after Greek Olympic champion Miltiadis Tentoglou edged him by two centimetres with his final jump.

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