Can YOU guess which of these stadiums are real and which AI designed?

A pitch in the middle of the sea, seats where the view is more eye-catching than the action on the pitch and a ground shaped like a CROCODILE… Can YOU guess which of these 12 stadiums are real and which are AI-generated?

  • Mail Sport put AI to the test to design some realistic-looking stadiums 
  • Now it’s on your shoulders to guess which grounds are real and which are fake!
  • Manchester United in a mess – they have a collapse in them – It’s All Kicking Off 

Imagine pulling on your kit, getting out your scarves, and trekking to your team’s football stadium on a Saturday – only to realise it doesn’t exist. 

Thanks to the uncanny power of artificial intelligence, we’re able to present you with football stadiums that look and feel like they exist, but are in fact just figments of your imagination. 

Mail Sport has rounded up images of spectacular stadiums that are real and ones that have been generated by AI to put you to the test. 

Six of them actually exist, and six of them are fake. 

Can you guess which of these of these grounds are real? The answers are at the bottom. 

Stadium 1 

This modern stadium has some of the most breathtaking surroundings in the world – if it’s real

A modern stadium set against the backdrop of spectacular mountains – it’s quite a breathtaking view. 

This ground looks like it can hold, what 50,000 people? The question is whether they would be real people or just characters in an AI-curated world. 

 Stadium 2

You don’t get too many crocodile-shaped stadiums knocking about – would a team actually build a ground inspired by their mascot?

A crocodile-shaped stadium? Surely not. 

We’re used to teams having mascots and designing them elaborate costumes, but to base a whole stadium off one?

The exterior and background do look pretty convincing, it must be said, although it’s hard to tell what country this ground would be based in. Is it real? 

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Stadium 3

An Olympic-style arena which has witness some of sport’s greatest triumphs and most cruching failures… or has it?

We’ve got what looks like an Olympic stadium here, suitable for football or athletics, with a spectacular open exterior. 

This amphitheatre has perhaps hosted some of the world’s greatest runners, seen records be broke, seen heroes break down in tears and losers despair. Or maybe it has not. You decide. 

Stadium 4 

This is the sort of ground that most of us can actually have aspirations of playing at 

We’re presented now with a more humble arena, certainly not one accustomed to hosting heaving crowds. 

A solitary stand lines half the turf, although it looks like it has fallen into disrepair somewhat. And what’s going on with that odd net? Needs a clean up. 

Stadium 5 

English football has its fair share of riverside stadia, but who does this ground belong to?

A glamorous waterfront ground shimmering in the sunlight. 

English football is no stranger to riverfront stadia. Take Fulham’s Craven Cottage, for instance, or, er, Middlesbrough’s ingeniously named ‘Riverside Stadium’. 

Who could this belong to, though? And does it even exist? 

 Stadium 6 

Just to mess with your mind, yet another stadium in mountainous surroundings

Back in the mountains now, but not at the titanic stadium of before, rather a smaller one with pastel blue and yellow seats. 

I imagine the traffic is quite bad getting in because there’s little chance of driving over that mammoth landmass in the distance.  

Stadium 7  

You’d be hard-pressed to find many grounds in more extraordinary places. No prizes for kicking the ball into the sea

One of the beauties of football is that it can inspire communities anywhere on earth, and people will find a way to play it if they really want. 

In this remote Nordic setting, residents have carved out a pitch from the rockface facing the unforgiving, almost arctic sea. 

Or have they?  

Stadium 8

Were you there? This photo is possibly a blast from the past. See if you can spot yourself in a suit

Something a bit different here. A blast from the past from the days when people would wear suits to the football. 

It looks like they’re patiently anticipating the start of a crunch clash with the stadium packed out for a would-be thriller. 

Stadium 9

Ah, there’s nothing better than an open-top stadium when the sky is clear and blue. With the clouds gathering it might be a different story! 

In Italy, there’s a wonderful stadium which Como call home, straddling the beautiful lake with mountain views to boot. 

This is not that stadium, but it is very similar. Are they Como’s rivals across the lake? Where on earth could this be?  

Stadium 10

This is a very distinctive exterior with an eye on the future, trying to be sleek and minimalist (unlike the turgid football inside?)

Quite a peculiar exterior to a ground, this, set against a vivid blue sky and undergrowth. 

I’m not entirely sure if all those poles are needed to hold up the stands, but let’s roll with it.

A marvel of modern engineering or a dystopian vision of the future? Or both? 

Stadium 11

Half the readers are probably saying: ‘I’ve been there!’ But have you really? 

Here’s a classic Football League haunt if there ever was one! A dependable fixture for 12,000 matchgoers every fortnight, armed with pies, programmes, and pessimism. Always looking towards the Premier League but never believing they can really do it. 

Unless that’s all made up, of course. 

Stadium 12 

Credit to the person who designed this because this is the definition of luxurious 

This is one of the most unique-looking stadiums you’ll ever feast your eyes upon, but is that down to the creativity of mankind or the insanity of AI?

Wreathed with golden light, this luxurious ground is fit for a princely team. 


1) Estadio BBVA Bancomer – Monterrey, Mexico 

2) Bursa Metropolitan Stadium – Bursaspor, Turkey 



5) Artist’s impression of Everton’s new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock


7) Henningsvaer Stadium – Henningsvaer community, Norway 



10) Stade Matmut Atlantique – Bordeaux, France 

11) FAKE

12) Pancho Arena – Puskas Akademia, Hungary 



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