Eddie Hearn reacts to criticism of Conor Benn comeback: ‘He’s cleared to box’

“Personally I don’t think he should be boxing until this matter is cleared. Hopefully that’ll be done as soon as possible. He hasn’t cleared [his name]; a number of issues are still outstanding, which everybody’s aware of. We’ve decided to appeal a decision, and once the appeal has taken place, we’ll take it on board from there.

“But when Eddie says [Benn has] cleared his name, according to us, we haven’t had an explanation of how the positive test came about, so I don’t quite agree with Eddie on that one.”

Hearn then spoke to Boxing News on Thursday, saying there was a difference between Smith’s use of the words “cleared his name” and Benn actually being “cleared to fight”.

“Right now we’re very comfortable, as are the ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions), as are Florida, as are Texas, as [is] everybody involved,” Hearn said.

“And by the way, the commissions [in the US] spoke to the board, who said: ‘He’s not suspended, he’s cleared to fight.’ And if he wasn’t, [the board] could’ve told them that, but they didn’t tell him that, because he is cleared to fight. At no point did the board say to these commissions: ‘No, he is not cleared to fight.’

Conor Benn is unbeaten as a professional but has not boxed since April 2022

“I understand people’s frustration, but we are doing everything by the book. He’s cleared to fight, everyone’s happy for him to fight, he’ll continue to fight until he’s not cleared to fight – which I believe will not happen.

“He went through the process that everybody said he wouldn’t go through, that everybody said he’d lose, and he won his case. Now everybody wants to be an expert and say, ‘What actually happened on this case was.’ No, no, no. None of you were on the case, none of you know what was presented to the WBC and Ukad.

“His suspension was lifted. No ban. Cleared to box. But no one wants to actually consider that information.”


Benn’s professional record stands at 21-0 (14 knockouts), while Mexican Orozco, 24, has a pro record of 32-3-3. The pair’s bout will take place at 154lbs.

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