EXCLUSIVE: Adam Peaty's mum downplays punch-up with Team GB team-mate

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Peaty’s mum downplays ‘punch-up’ with Team GB team-mate after ‘slapping him on the bottom and making a joke about his girlfriend Anna Hopkins’

Adam Peaty’s mother told MailOnline today that her son and Luke Greenbank ‘get on really well’ hours after it was revealed they had a scuffle over an alleged slap on the bottom and a ‘quip’ about his girlfriend at a Team GB training camp.

The 28-year-old breaststroke star was pictured with a gash above his left eye after an altercation with compatriot Mr Greenbank at the British Swimming training centre in Loughborough last Friday. 

The pair fought after Peaty apparently slapped his teammate on the bottom and made a ‘cocky quip’, reportedly about Luke’s swimmer partner Anna Hopkin, 27. 

But Caroline Peaty has denied her Olympian son is an aggressive person or badly injured, declaring: ‘He would have rung me. I know my son, if he had needed stitches, I’d know about it’. 

Adam’s mum has played down the row between the two swimmers and insisted her son and Luke are pals.  Speaking exclusively to MailOnline she said of the fight: ‘It’s the first I’ve heard of it’.

Peaty and Greenbank previously competed alongside each other during Team GB relay races and even won silver in the 100m medley at the Tokyo Olympics. Mrs Peaty insisted: ‘Adam and Luke get on really well. It is not in Adam’s make up to be aggressive, he will be in the pool where he needs to be but not out of it.’

Team GB hero Adam Peaty has been seen with a nasty gash above his eye following an alleged fight with a fellow swimmer 

Today, MailOnline revealed images of the star appearing in front of children at an event last week, with a visible injury above his left eye

Adam’s mum Caroline downplayed the fight and said that if her son (pictured together with his dad Mark) had needed stitches she would have heard about it

Luke Greenbank, pictured with his girlfriend Olympic gold medallist Anna Hopkin, was apparently ribbed by Peaty who also reportedly slapped him on the bottom

Peaty was reportedly hurt by his Team GB team-mate Luke Greenbank (pictured together). 

She said her son, who had documented his past struggles with mental health, was ‘doing OK.’ She told how he was co-parenting his young son George with his ex partner Eiri Munro, saying: ‘He is quite positively co-parenting. George is coming up to three and he is full of beans.’

Mrs Peaty told how following their split the pair had for months still been sharing her son’s large gated home near Kegworth, Leicestershire.

She added: ‘But they’re living separately now.’ She told how her son’s passion for swimming and competing had not wavered, saying: ‘He trains hard every day apart from Sunday.’

The Sun has reported that the row involved Anna Hopkin, 27, an Olympic champion herself, has been in a relationship with Mr Greenback for more than two years. 

But sources close to Peaty denied the newspaper’s claims that she had once been in a relationship with Peaty.

Peaty has found love with Holly Ramsay, the daughter of TV chef Gordon. 

The fight is said to have broken out at a Team GB swimming training camp in Loughborough last Friday.

Witnesses claimed that it kicked off when Peaty cracked a joke to Greenback and then hit him on the rump. A fight broke out that left Peaty needing treatment for a facial injury. 

Today, MailOnline revealed images of the star appearing in front of children at an event last week, with a visible injury above his left eye. 

Sources close to Peaty told MailOnline the pair were still training together every day and dismissed reports that the star required stitches.

‘It was a heated moment after a training session between two team-mates,’ they said.

‘Adam is still training and only suffered minor injuries. They are fine with each other now. It’s been massively blown out of proportion.’ 

Representatives for Mr Peaty declined to comment. 

A British Swimming spokesperson said: ‘An incident occurred at a recent training session that was quickly and effectively resolved by the athletes involved and the staff present at the session.’

Adam Peaty, pictured with his girlfriend Holly Ramsay at Silverstone in July, has reportedly received treatment for a facial injury after being involved in a fight with a Team GB swimming mate

Anna Hopkin (pictured) has been partnered with Greenbank for two years

A source told The Sun: ‘It was absolute carnage. Peaty was being cocky and made a joke at Greenbank’s expense, before touching his backside. But his actions touched a real nerve for Greenbank and it got very heated.

‘Peaty was left with a bloody face and needing treatment’.

Team GB coaching staff are said to have treated Peaty afterwards.

‘Those around them persuaded Peaty and Greenbank to shake hands and put the fight behind them’, the insider added. 

Peaty split from Eiri Munro, mum to his two-year-old son George, last August and is now seeing chef Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly.

The 28-year-old has won eight world championships along with his Olympic titles and is widely hailed as the best breaststroke swimmer in history. 

Greenbank and Peaty has previously competed alongside each other during Team GB relay races and even won silver in the 100m medley at the Tokyo Olympics.

Greenbank (pictured) reportedly retaliated to Peaty’s comment about his girlfriend

Peaty (second from left) apparently made a comment to Greenbank about his partner Anna Hopkin (far right)

Peaty previously took time away from swimming in March as he attempted to focus on his mental health and wellbeing.

Both Holly Ramsay and Adam have had struggles with mental health and alcohol addiction.

In April, Adam pulled out of the British Swimming Championships, and said: ‘A good friend of mine said a gold medal is the coldest thing you will ever wear… because you think it will fix all of your problems [and] it will not.’

In December, Holly celebrated two years of sobriety, having previously hit ‘rock bottom’. She also set up 21 & Over, a podcast for people suffering from anxiety.

Adam has a three-year-old son, George, with his ex- girlfriend Eiri Munro. The couple split up last August as he apologised for letting down her and their son.

He said at the time that the couple had decided to go ‘their separate ways’ but that their son George, who is two next month, remained their ‘priority’.

Announcing the news via social media, Adam wrote: ‘Eiri and George, I’m sorry for letting you down. My only interest is for the well-being of our family at this difficult time.’

Peaty has found love with Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly (pictured together)

Peaty is widely regarded as the best breaststroke competitor in the history of the sport

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