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SHE'S the Swiss sports star who has been branded the “world’s sexiest footballer”.

And it’s not just on the pitch where Aston Villa star Alisha Lehmann is achieving her goals – thanks to a whopping 15.2million Instagram followers that have made her one of the most valuable stars in the women's game.

The 24-year-old is bagging extremely lucrative deals away from her sporting career, including partnerships with Boohoo, EA Sports and Adidas.

Recently, Alisha was unveiled as the first female ambassador for sports drink Prime in a deal that PR expert Carla Speight could be worth up to £1million.

And now she has just unveiled a sizzling 2024 calendar – selling signed limited-edition copies for £149.99 and normal ones for nearly £50.

Carla tells us: “Alisha is the David Beckham of the women’s football world. She’s snapping up sponsorships with the likes of drinks, fashion and sportswear. 


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“Like David Beckham, Alisha has realised football won’t last forever and she has to develop a lucrative career outside of it to secure her future.”

Alisha's latest deal is one of many money-spinning ventures that’s helping her to transcend football and live a lavish lifestyle – all while earning a tidy sum in the process.

On her Instagram, there are scores of photos of the star soaking up the sun in exotic locations – on one occasion seemingly travelling by quadbike.

Last year, she shared snaps from a break in Miami, Florida, where she swamp with dolphins.  

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Alisha also took a trip to Brazil in 2022, where she visited animal sanctuaries, and high-end nightclubs, went fishing and played golf. 

During these trips, she has been seen sporting branded merchandise from hotel chains including Waldorf Hilton London and Melia Hotel Resorts.

Additionally, she regularly gives shout-outs to car rental companies while posing alongside flashy Lamborghinis. 

Sizzling side hustles

It’s reported that Alisha earns £160,000 a year playing for Aston Villa but it seems the star could be topping up her earnings with her side hustles. 

PR expert Carla points out that if just one per cent of her 15.2million Instagram followers buy her cheapest calendar, it could earn her nearly £7.6million. 

The footballer also shares photos and talks to followers on the subscription site FanTime, where she charges £67 ($84) for a year’s membership and just over £8 ($10) per month. 

Carla adds: “If only one per cent of her followers subscribe at the lowest rate, she will be bringing in £1.2 million per month.

“Given that we know her engagement rate is around seven per cent, she could bring in even more than that amount in calendars, subscriptions – and she can do that for brands too.”

Alisha was audaciously approached to produce saucier content last year, when she was offered an £83,000 ($100k) signing-on fee from the adult site My.Club.

Mike Ford, the company’s vice president, told SportBible that she could earn a fortune posting "training photos, thirst traps and personally field questions from fans”. Sadly for the executive, she did not take up the offer.

According to sources, it was Alisha’s decision to showcase her “sexy side” that contributed to her break-up with Aston Villa men’s team star Douglas Luiz.

Last year, we were told: “When asked to do a calendar, she jumped at the chance to show off her sexy side but he was not happy.

"He didn’t think it was something she should be doing. They rowed a lot and in the end, Alisha simply had enough.”

Alisha also has a range of products, including hot pink cushions for £29.99, journals for £20, water bottles for £30 and even mousemats for £10.99.

Before her deal with Prime, Alisha collaborated with a number of companies including Adidas, Bootbag and EA Sports, who create the video game Fifa.

She has appeared in multiple videos for the football game including one alongside the musician Big Zuu and another unveiling her own "Be Brave" kit.

PR expert Jack Cooper, from Ed Hopkins PR, told us: “Collaborations with brands like Adidas, EA Sports, and Bootbag further highlight her appeal to diverse industries, from sportswear to gaming. 

“Her diverse content – from football training videos to lifestyle and fashion showcases – means she can attract a broader range of brand partnerships.”

Alisha has also worked with other companies including CocaCola Switzerland, Bootbag and Gisada.

Carla says: "For longer-term deals, such as sportswear, lingerie, fashion and even fragrances, she could command six figures and receive commissions too.” 

‘Breaking the mould’

Alisha is women’s football’s most followed star on Instagram and her fanbase is increasing regularly thanks to her daily posts.

From July to September alone, she gained nearly two million followers and regularly gets more than one million likes on her posts.

PR expert Jack says: “Alisha is breaking the mould, proving that today's athletes are more than just players.

“With a robust following on Instagram, she's more than just a footballer; she's a digital influencer and brand in her own right.

“Her collaboration with Prime, one of the largest streaming platforms globally, is indicative of the powerful confluence of sports, entertainment, and influencer marketing.”

Pundit potential

While Alisha has cultivated an engaged following on social media, she insists her focus is on football.

Earlier this year, she told Sky Sports: “Obviously I have a lot of followers, but I never dreamed to have it. I just played and shared my life. It just became like this.

“I don't see myself as someone with loads of followers on social media, obviously I'm proud of it – alongside my football – but it doesn't change anything.”

Our experts predict she’s likely to capitalise on her knowledge of the game by providing match analysis, which could also earn her huge sums. 

Carla says: “Alisha also has a fun and bubbly personality, which means she has the potential to take up a career in sports presenting. 

“Sports programmes would snap up the chance to hire her as she has the potential to bring her 15.2 million followers and convert them into viewers for each programme she’s on. 

“That’s a huge number for any show to get, so I expect she will be paid very well.”

Humble beginnings

While Alisha lives a life many could only dream of today, her upbringing in Tägertschi, Switzerland, was very different.

There she used to play “street football” daily from the age of five alongside her brother and cousins and credits them as “the main reason I play today”.

Alisha started her career at Swiss club BSC YB Frauen, where she scored 25 goals in 52 appearances. 

In 2018, she moved to the Women’s Super League after being signed by West Ham United and helped the squad reach the FA Cup final a year later.

Alisha went to Everton on loan in 2021 before being signed by Aston Villa, where she has scored seven goals.

She has also scored a combined total of 22 goals from 82 appearances for Switzerland’s youth and adult national teams.

It’s clear there are big things in the 24-year-old’s future both on and off the pitch – but her main focus is staying humble and focused on her footballing career.


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Last year, she told Sky Sports: “I don't think that I'm better than anyone else, I come from humble beginnings with how I grew up with my family in Switzerland.

“The people who know me always see the footballer. Every time I'm with my friends and family, I just speak about football.”

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