The Paul brothers went from ridiculed to boxing's most influential men

Jake and Logan Paul have combined earnings of £55m, their own £12m Puerto Rican mansions and luxury car collections the envy of any petrolhead… the YouTube brothers have gone from laughing stocks to boxing’s most influential stars

  • Jake Paul takes on Andre August as he continues his rise up the boxing ranks  
  • He and brother Logan have forged an empire and influence in combat sports 
  • Jake and Logan Paul should be respected, they’re influential and blazing a trail – Listen to why on The Hook

There was a time when the Paul brothers were a source of laughter and ridicule. The idea of two YouTubers becoming fighters was unthinkable – but no one is laughing anymore. 

In under a decade, the pair have gone from influencers on social media to two of the biggest influences in combat sports. The pair have totally shaken up the way fans consume content with crossover fights against MMA stars and lucrative bouts involving high-profile celebrities.

The pair reportedly have a combined career earnings of £55million, according to Forbes, which is outside the eye-watering sums they make from sponsorships and commercial deals. 

Neither man can claim to be an accomplished, fully fleshed-out fighter but after Jake defeated a string of UFC legends and raked in millions in the process and with Logan getting in the ring with Mayweather, becoming WWE champion and starting an energy drinks empire, few people can knock their success.

Speaking to Mail Sport podcast The Hook, host Alex McCarthy hailed the ‘incredible’ way the Pauls had ‘blazed a trail’ in the sport, praising them for ‘curating and manifesting their own dreams’.

Jake and Logan Paul have come a long way since starting out as YouTubers – and are now two of the most influential men in boxing

This might be controversial, but I admire both of the Pauls, Jake and Logan,’ he said. ‘When they first got into the sport, I was like, “I don’t want to cover these events” and I did not enjoy it. 

‘I still don’t think either of them are the most polished fighters you’ll ever see. But I do admire how they’ve made from just their own platforms, essentially, and social media followings and things like that. They’ve curated that and manifested their own dreams.

‘Logan Paul is now wrestling in front of millions of people in WWE and earning big cheques. Jake Paul is basically the revolutionary of these influencer and crossover fights. In recent memory, they are as influential as anybody. 

‘I don’t admire them the most as fighters, but I do admire exactly what they’ve done – to blaze their own trail is quite incredible.’ 

Ahead of Jake’s fight against August in Orlando, Florida, on Friday night, Mail Sport looks at how the wealth and riches both men have racked up – as well as their undeniable impact on the fighting game. 

Jake Paul will take the next step of his journey by facing boxer Andre August on December 15

The Paul brothers have made a fortune by setting up lucrative fights against stars of MMA and boxing. Pictured: With UFC legend Anderson Silva


You only have to catch a glimpse of Jake Paul’s £12m ($16m) mansion in Puerto Rico to understand how successful he has been.   

The sprawling exotic property is a signpost of the YouTuber’s commercial pull after creating a huge fortune on social media – before he even ventured into boxing. 

It boasts eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, two swimming pools and a gym – with an incredible patio area outside that also features a hot tub. 

The sensational property cost around half of his net worth, which is understood to be £32m ($40m).   

This year Jake bought a £12m mansion in Puerto Rico boasting two swimming pools 

The lavish property cost the YouTuber around half of his net worth and also features eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms

He bought the house from a former MLB star – ex-St Louis Cardinals player Yadier Molina – and is said to have decided to purchase his own place in the Carribbean country after falling in love with it during training camps. 

The star used to be the proud owner of a massive mansion in Calabasas, a celebrity enclave in California which is also home to Kourtney Kardashian and Drake. 

He recently sold the house for £4.9m ($6.15m) – somewhat shy of its £5.5m ($7m) asking price. 

His new upgraded property has a huge garage that fits six cars – which is a good thing for Paul as he has a lucrative collection of supercars. 

‘The Problem Child’ has never been shy of showing off his array of motors, which includes a £165,000 blue Lamborghini Huracan, and £80,000 Tesla Model X, £360,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom and £200,000 Ferrari V6. 

Paul regularly poses alongside his plush vehicles on social media and has been seen laughing while sitting on top of his Lamborghini and Rolls Royce. 

Paul has amassed an incredible car collection during his career – including his £360,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom and a £200,000 Ferrari V6

Among the more ‘modest’ models include a Toyota Tacoma and a Dodge RAM.

The American has come a long way since he first came on the scene as a YouTuber. He proved to be a big hit on Vine in 2013 – where he would amass 5.3million followers and two billion views on the app – before creating his YouTube channel in 2014. 

Currently, Paul’s channel has over 20million subscribers, and he continues to be a big hit on the platform. 

But when he started venturing into boxing, fans found it hard to take him seriously and he was often the butt of the jokes.   

He made his amateur debut in 2018 against Deji – with Paul winning via knockout. He would walk away from the fight earning around £2.4m ($3m) and would earn over £3.3m in 2020 following his fights with AnEsonGib and Nate Robinson.

In 2021, it was reported that the American earned around £33m ($40m). Paul fought three times that year – defeating Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley twice.  

His fight against UFC legend Anderson Silva was said to have landed him in the region of £1.1m ($1.5m) while he was believed to have pocketed £1.5m for facing Nate Diaz in August.  

Jake has had a huge impact on the sport of boxing in general – campaigning for better opportunities for female fighters, such as Amanda Serrano (L)

In total, it is estimated that he has earned around £44m ($54m) inside the boxing ring. But it’s not just money where he’s had an impact in boxing – it’s his bid to see real change in the sport. 

Paul has been instrumental in the career of Amanda Serrano, acting as her promoter with his company Most Valuable Promotions and helping to put her on the map. 

Alongside Eddie Hearn, he helped put on the first all-female boxing event in Madison Square Garden as she took on Katie Taylor for the undisputed lightweight crown – which went down in history. 

He has been a huge advocate in women’s boxing and has pushed for more female fighters to get their shot – recently hitting back at ‘dinosaur’ Bob Arum for claiming fans don’t pay attention to the sport.

In addition, he’s also been campaigning for MMA stars to get more money for their big fights – regularly hitting out at UFC boss Dana White for not putting his money where his mouth is.


The WWE star also lives in Puerto Rico near his brother Jake, with his own mansion also said to be worth around £12m ($16m). The brothers are said to relish the focus that being in the Carribbean brings them away from the outside world. 

Logan previously lived in a huge property in Los Angeles that boasted a cinema, a huge swimming pool and wine cellars – putting it up for sale for £6.7m in 2021.

He recently showed off his property in a tour on YouTube, showing off a swimming pool in the centre of the house surrounded by deck chairs, with a handful of rooms dotted around it and getting a good view of the water through the glass doors. 

The house is spacious enough for a big collection of cars because just like his brother – Logan is a huge petrol head. 

Logan also has a house in Puerto Rico, boasting a spacious living space and glass panels 

The YouTuber also has a huge swimming pool located in the centre of his property

He is a petrol head like his brother, owning a beloved £32,000 Dodge Challenger SRT8 and £17,000 Polaris Slingshot

Logan lives with his fiance Nina Agdal – the Danish model who he proposed to this summer

His own array of cars might not be as show-stopping as brother Jake’s, but it’s still not to be scoffed at after showing off pictures of him with his £280,000 Mercedes Benz G550 4×4, his beloved £32,000 ($41,000) Dodge Challenger SRT8 and a £17,000 ($22,000) Polaris Slingshot.

Logan is worth around £16.6m ($20.9m), according to Forbes, and unlike his brother, he has focused less on boxing and more on the commercial side of his business. 

He rose to stardom thanks to his YouTube channel, which has more than 23million followers, and has previously been the high-paid YouTuber ever. 

The media personality also owns a clothing company called Maverick Apparel, which made $40million in sales in the first nine months since it launched. 

But his biggest business success has been the launch of energy drinks company Prime, which he founded with former boxing opponent KSI last year. 

A huge chunk of Logan’s income comes from his wildly popular energy drinks brand Prime

Prime – which he founded alongside former opponent KSI – has reportedly generated £198m in retail sales since launching last year and sold more than one billion bottles

Earlier this year, Logan claimed Prime had generated around £198m ($250m) in retail sales and grossed £87m ($110m) internally in its first year. Last month, Paul and KSI announced they had sold  one-billion bottles.

Paul has now taken Prime around the world, partnering with other sports stars and football clubs who have got involved in promoting the brand. 

He is engaged to Danish model Nina Agdal, with the pair often spotted jetting off on lavish holidays around the globe. Logan had popped the question during a trip in Lake Como and they were also seen enjoying a getaway to Australia in February. 

Logan has also taken some huge earnings from his career fights – both in boxing and wrestling. He first burst onto the fighting scene by twice facing his rival and now business associate KSI. 

He has also raked in revenue from setting up his own lucrative boxing bouts – most notably against legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2021

Logan has also become a huge WWE superstar after winning the United States championship

The first fight between the pair reportedly generated 1.3m PPV buys – while their highly-anticipated rematch is said to have made them both £900,000 ($1.1m) each.

Logan then made headlines for facing Floyd Mayweather in a crossover bout that turned heads due to his lack of experience in the boxing ring against a retired pro fighter that had never lost. 

The YouTuber took Mayweather the distance and made a reported $15m, before fighting MMA star Dillon Danis this year.

And Logan has also made huge inroads into wrestling after signing a deal with the WWE worth a reported $2m a year – according to the Mirror – though his income is likely to increase after becoming United States champion last month by beating the legendary Rey Mysterio. 

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