World's sexiest athlete Alica Schmidt takes fans inside day in the life on road to Olympics 2024 with amazing breakfast | The Sun

ALICA SCHMIDT has given fans a glimpse into a day in the life of an athlete trying to make it to the 2024 Olympics.

The German runner competes in the 4x400m mixed relay and has amassed a huge online following.

Schmidt, 24, has 4.4million followers on Instagram and is often hailed as the "world's sexiest athlete".

She recently competed at the World Championships in Budapest and reached the final.

However, the team finished seventh as a dramatic race was won by USA after the Netherlands' Femke Bol fell metres from the line.

Following the World Championships, she has now let fans see what it is like in the day of an athlete.


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She uploaded a video to Instagram which showed her be able to have an incredible breakfast.

The clip then jumps to her arriving for training, followed by an ice bath and physio session.

Schmit then goes for lunch and has a team meeting before watching the events on television.

She has also spoken about how she is proud that the team made the final, with her goal being to make it to the Paris Olympics next year.

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Schmidt has a massive following on social mediaCredit: Instagram_@alicasmd__6
She has 4.4milion followers on InstagramCredit: Instagram_@alicasmd__6

She said: "Competing in Budapest has been a great experience. Especially the mixed relay, which was a huge success for the team.

"We really wanted to make it to the final. It had been a tough road for the last few years.

"We were incredibly proud that we made it. Germany have a lot of young athletes who work hard. So hopefully we can build up in the future.

"Of course, Paris is the big goal next year. I want to run there with the 4x400m relay, with the mixed and women’s teams.

"Improve my 400 metres time. We will see what happens after that.

"I hope I can show people how great track and field is and encourage people to watch the sport and take part.

"Make it more popular in Europe but also worldwide."

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