World’s worst football fan tattoos from chubby Messi to cheeky ‘Arse-nal’ inking and VERY over-the-top Man Utd tributes | The Sun

MANY die-hard football fans who wanted tattoos of their favourite team or player inked onto their skin soon came to regret their hasty decisions.

Whether that be a club badge, trophy or even a player's face, many people have seen their tattoos go horribly wrong.

Below are some of the worst football fan tattoos to ever grace the internet.

Chubby Messi

After Argentina' won the 2022 FIFA World Cup last year, one fan went to the extreme length of getting Lionel Messi lifting the trophy tattooed across his back.

However, Messi's face appears to be extremely bloated and he's been made to look overweight, with one person describing the tattoo as "a combo of Messi and Rooney."


It's not often you'd see this kind of tattoo but one Arsenal fan wanted to show his love for the club by getting their name inked on his backside.

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On one side is "nal" and on the other is "FC". It doesn't take long to figure out where the "Arse" part is, as this person's attempt at humour certainly backfired.

Andy Cole nightmare

One Newcastle fan opted to get a tattoo of former striker Andy Cole on his thigh – two days before he signed for Manchester United.

To add further insult to injury, the picture of him in his underwear was plastered across all of the front pages once news broke of his disaster.


A very common mistake with the majority of tattoo disasters is spelling mistakes and this unfortunate Everton fan was the latest to be added to that list.

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You'd think getting a tattoo of the word "Everton" would be quite simply but not for a certain artist, who put a second "e" in the word and made a complete mess of their work.

The walking tattoo

This man has taken things to an extreme level when it comes to loving your football club and loving tattoos.

This Leeds United and England fan has covered almost every part of his face in ink with flags and colours of the team and country he loves.

Bleeding green and white

A fan of Colombian side Atletico Nacional has dreamed of wearing his club's famous colours so much that he got them tattooed onto his body.

This crazy football fan acted out his fantasy by getting Atletico's shirt of green and white stripes permanently inked on his skin, on his back and front.

Man United disaster

Probably one of the worst tattoo's you'll ever see. It looks like it was drawn on with marker pen rather than inked on by a professional.

Nonetheless, this person has a huge Man United badge etched onto their back, with Sir Alex Ferguson's name written beneath. The whole thing looks like it was drawn by a child.

Another Man United disaster

This tattoo of United's badge is actually much better than the previous one and of a much smaller size too.

However, it is placed between the words "You'll Never Walk Alone", the song adopted by Liverpool – one of United's biggest rivals.



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Tottenham Till I Die

This Tottenham fan went to extreme lengths to show his love for the clubCredit: Getty

Another case of ink on the head, this die-hard Spurs fan has let everybody know who he supports by getting "Tottenham Till I Die" on the back of his head.

There are also two huge club badges either side of the writing, meaning you simply cannot miss this man and his tattoo when at a game.

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