22 Kids’ Millie Radford melts hearts as she adorably dresses daughters in matching outfits

Millie Radford has melted hearts on social media after posting an adorable snap of her two young daughters wearing matching dresses.

The mum-of-three, 22, who is famed for being part of Britain's biggest family, The Radfords, and appearing on 22 Kids and Counting, shared the heartwarming photo on her Instagram Stories, showing daughters Ophelia Jo, three, and Elodie Jade, two months, sporting red tartan dresses and black tights.

The siblings looked to be enjoying a cosy day at home with Millie, who is also mum to son Chester Bleu, one, as they lay on a bed and beamed for the camera.

"Loving be able to dress them in matching," Millie gushed alongside two lovestruck emojis and tagged partner Harley Passmore.

Millie welcomed her youngest daughter Elodie on 19 September after announcing her pregnancy on social media in May. The proud mum posted photos of her newborn daughter the day after her birth and announced her unique name.

"Our perfect new addition," Millie penned in September. "Elodie-Jade weighing 7.10lb Born 19/09/23."

The 22 year old has been keeping her fans updated on social media as she's adjusted to life as a mum-of-three, but it hasn't been all plain-sailing for the family as Elodie was rushed to hospital in November.

Millie's baby daughter Elodie Jade was hospitalised with a severe case of respiratory synctial virus (RSV), but thankfully she made a full recovery.

Millie had shared details of RSV with her followers to make people more aware of what they should be looking out for. RSV usually causes mild cold-like symptoms and is very common in children, but can be more difficult for babies to cope with.

Days after Elodie was hospitalised, the mum-of-three happily announced she had been discharged, before thanking parents Sue and Noel for helping her throughout the scary.

Millie posted on Instagram: "Ophelia's had the best week with her nan, grandpops and all her aunties and uncles. Thank you mum you've been a massive help even got Ophelia off the dummy's and night time bottles."

The 22 year old, who is Sue and Noel's seventh eldest child, has appeared to confirm she's made amends with her mum after hitting out on her on social media earlier this year over a holiday to Florida. Despite their feud, Sue was present at Elodie's birth and she and Millie look to be back on good terms.

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