AJ Odudu says pressure is on for Big Brother return as she gushes over co-host

AJ Odudu has admitted the "pressure is on" as she prepares to front the rebooted version of Big Brother with pal Will Best.

The realty is set to return to our screens this weekend a five-year hiatus and fans can expect new housemates, new house as well as two new presenters who follow in the footsteps of Davina McCall, Brian Dowling and Emma Willis.

They are the first duo to host the show and the pair have opened up about their nerves and excitement ahead of their first show which will air on ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX on Sunday (October 9) night.

AJ told Daily Star and other press: "The pressure is on, it's a big show, it's everyone's baby. We all grew up watching it but then there's a whole new audience that we want to bring along on the ride as well. And also it's had previous presenters who both Will and I both love, adore and respect, they're the nation's sweethearts, and we want to do everyone proud.

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"So yeah, while the pressure is on and that can be very daunting, it's definitely counter-balanced by the fact that I'm presenting alongside Will. He's really good at his job and I'll be in safe hands with him and vice versa, so I'm actually more excited than nervous for sure."

"I definitely want to be myself and Will wants to be himself, we're not trying to mimic or imitate previous presenters that have been before. But it's really nice when you have a lot of good will and positive energy on your side for sure."

Will added: "You know, I think doing any show is big, obviously there's going to be nerves attached, there's pressure attached. But I think one of the best things about doing this, is one, I'm just excited that Big Brother is coming back first of all.

"I've been a massive fan of the show over the years, so for the show to come back, for something you love to come back and then to actually get a chance to work on it, that immediately overrides anything else."

The pair have worked together in the past and already know each others "pet peeves". AJ revealed: "Will's got a penchant for picking his nose." Will explained: "When we used to work together a long time ago, very occasionally, on a long shoot day, AJ might look across and I might have occasionally been picking my nose, and biting my nail but they go hand in hand, right?"

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"You can't have your nails too long if you pick your nose. You have to have the right length to get the good stuff." Will went on to gush over "perfect" co-star AJ. He said: "There's nothing AJ does that annoys me but now I feel like I should try and think of something. She's just perfect and amazing."

Big Brother: The Launch airs Sunday, October 9 on ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm

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